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Food for thought

food for thought farmstand and performancepro

Yes, Brainpower is about inspiration, perspiration and accomplishment. Essentially, it’s also about good nutrition. Meet Farmstand…

The Brainpower in Action event here at PerformancePro on 30 June is about inspiration, tales of adversity, rehabilitation and accomplishment.

The food and drink on the night, courtesy of Farmstand, is very unique: it looks beautiful, tastes delicious and is undeniably health-conscious. To whet your appetite, we’re introducing Steven Novick founder of Farmstand and loyal club client at PerformancePro.

Food for thought with Farmstand

Farmstand opened its first restaurant in Covent Garden at the end of January 2016.  In a few short months the new eco-friendly fast casual online and offline food venture has already attracted critical acclaim including Farmstand being named a ‘top 10 best new restaurant in London’ by TimeOut magazine.  British Airways ‘High Life’ magazine also recommends Farmstand as the first place to go when visiting London.

Farmstand founder Steven Novick, a working-class boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is also a mountaineer, film producer and an award-winning international finance professional.

In 2006, he was diagnosed with a serious cancer.  As the prognosis was poor, he set three goals: to become closer to his friends and family, finish climbing the highest peaks on each of seven continents (including Everest) and start an online and offline healthy food business.

He has done all three!

Farmstand foodDeliciously healthy food

Farmstand’s deliciously healthy food, changes seasonally and is sustainably sourced from the UK. ‘Build your own’ is available for lunch and dinner and has over 53,000 menu combinations.  ‘Ready to go’ options are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has ‘seasonal choices’ to stay or go.

The food and drink served in the restaurant and delivered by its delivery partner is free from refined sugar (as well as GM and hormones) and the vast majority is also surprisingly wheat, gluten and dairy free. The only added sugar they use is organic and unrefined and is just in their sweet treats.

Farmstand’s filtered still and sparkling water is given away for free and their aim is to be the first restaurant in London to have 100% compostable packaging. They haven’t cracked everything but they are working on it.

Farmstand team members are friends or friends of friends and include a dedicated nutritionist and a doctor.

Much thought and attention to detail has been invested in the look and feel of the place, the services and the small touches. Something our brainpower guests can experience for themselves on the night as the Farmstand team bring their delicious food to PerformancePro.

PerformancePro and Farmstand – listening, learning, improving

The synergy between PerformancePro and Farmstand is not surprising.  As a regular club client at our gym, Steven Novick describes the relationship between the two,

‘We have very similar values. One of the main ones we share is: GROW. We both find innovative ways to GROW by listening, constantly learning and improving to remain unique.”

Brainpower in action

Brainpower in Action
Thur 30 June 7-10pm

To find out more and enjoy a taste of Farmstand, be sure to book your tickets for the Brainpower in Action event here at PerformancePro.


Join us to hear extraordinary tales of adversity and accomplishment and enjoy an evening of inspiration, celebration and food for thought powered by PerformancePro.

Places are limited, so find out more about Brainpower in Action and to be sure of your tickets.




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