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Glyn Evans - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Glyn Evans, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach and lifelong student of health and fitness! Glyn is also our Corporate Account Manager for clients who are fortunate to work for and with London’s more forward-thinking organisations.

Life before PerformancePro

Glyn Evans was born in Yorkshire and brought up on a farm near Sheffield. He has always loved sport and studied for a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science at Carnegie Leeds before taking time out to travel.

Glyn’s travels took him to Asia, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Europe. He studied more along the way and lived in Switzerland for a while working with a 400 metre world champion and a ‘celebrity trainer!’

Over the years Glyn has trained a whole range of people,

“I have two decades of experience helping people achieve their health and performance goals, ranging from trained athletes and rock stars to rehab clients, office workers, CEOs and weekend warriors.”

Glyn Evans and PerformancePro

Glyn, along with fellow coach Dave Richards, has been with PerformancePro since it opened and has worked with director Dan Boulle for even longer! They go back to 2003.

We asked Glyn what attracted him to PerformancePro and why he stayed,

“It’s a good team of like-minded people at PerformancePro. It’s friendly and ego-free! We have fun but we also know our stuff and we’re very driven. Our clients are grown-ups too and the working days are enjoyable. It really isn’t hard getting up at 5am to go to work… Honestly!”

And away from the gym?

Glyn is a family man with two children. When he has spare time, he enjoys live stand up comedy and also loves his Sunday lunch. He claims to be a poor chess player and even worse poet, so much so he refused to share any of his poetry with us!

Glyn’s own fitness

When it comes to his own fitness training, Glyn enjoys variety. He goes for sustained blocks of strength training for the winter followed by endurance pursuits in the summer. Last year his goal was a marathon and he’s currently training for an Ironman.

Top 3 Do’s

  • Train regularly and smartly, focussing on weak areas
  • Prioritise your own health
  • Work towards a goal

Top 3 Don’ts

  • Don’t follow fads
  • Don’t ignore your body
  • ‘Don’t believe the Hype’


Glyn enjoys inspiring and motivating himself and his clients with fitness pursuits, races and challenges. His key motivation is the desire to be strong and healthy for himself and his family.


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