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Natasha Cassone - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Natasha Cassone, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach. Driven by the theory and the practice, Natasha’s performance-led approach informs her career as a trainer, her competitive Olympic Weightlifting and her approach to everyday life.

Whether you’re an athlete or just wanting to be healthier and fitter, Natasha designs and delivers progressive training programmes that are always underpinned by effective sports science,

“I enjoy the science behind performance, whether it’s within sports or simply moving efficiently and functionally in everyday life.”

Life before PerformancePro

Natasha Cassone has always loved and been involved in sport. She grew up in Italy then Denmark, where volleyball and football were a massive part of her childhood,

“Volleyball is big in Italy, so I played a lot as a child. After moving to Denmark, I continued with volleyball until an unfortunate change in the coaching staff led my sporting interests elsewhere. I tried and enjoyed a few different sports including kickboxing and dancing until I moved to London to pursue my studies.”

Natasha finished her BSc Degree in Sports Science at London Metropolitan University in 2012. Her love of combining sports and fitness informed her decision to progress to her Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning at Middlesex University.

Natasha Cassone and PerformancePro

We were delighted to welcome Natasha to the PerformancePro team in 2014.

It’s striking that all PerformancePro coaches are attracted to our ethos of learning, skill-sharing and continuous development. This approach resonates strongly for Natasha,

“PerformancePro is the perfect place for me to learn and evolve as a coach. I believe the best way to progress and learn in your field is to spend time amongst people with extensive experience and knowledge. At PerformancePro, I’m surrounded by very knowledgeable coaches with a variety of skills. I love that we each have our areas of expertise. We have weekly team ‘Upskill’ on different topics. This allows us to develop further knowledge on areas we may not be so familiar with.”

And away from the gym?

Natasha started Olympic Weightlifting as part of her Masters Degree and has incorporated it into her regular training regime ever since. Not surprisingly, therefore, she spends most of her time either coaching or training in the gym at PerformancePro.

Natasha currently competes regionally, nationally and internationally a few times a year,

‘I started weightlifting as a part of my degree module 3 years ago.  I had to learn how to lift so I could get a good grade. I never really thought I would enjoy it as much as I do now! I am a member of Middlesex Weightlifting club and compete roughly 5-6 times a year. I have done a few regional and national competitions in England which have been amazing experience. This year, however, has been THE highlight so far in my weightlifting career. I represented Denmark in the European Masters championships in Budapest and World Masters championships in Barcelona. I finished 5th in Europe then 12th in the World. This makes turning 35 not so bad after all!’  

On her rest days away from the gym, Natasha enjoys time with friends, reading books and occasionally travelling, especially back to Denmark to visit her family.

Natasha’s own training

Natasha trains 4-6 times a week, mainly Olympic Weightlifting with the occasional cardio/ weight session thrown in. She describes her love of weightlifting,

“I love Olympic Lifting because it feels like you are competing against yourself primarily. You always try to do better than the previous performance!”

And then she shares her brilliantly straightforward top tips,

Three Do’s

  • Trust the process
  • Set realistic goals
  • Celebrate your achievements

Three Don’ts

  • Never skip leg day
  • Don’t over complicate your training
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself


For inspiration and motivation, Natasha looks to other strong women and her loved ones,

“I definitely get my inspiration from other strong women in my weight class, both friends and elite lifters competing on the senior world stage. My motivation, however, comes from knowing my family, friends and partner are watching and cheering me on. It gives me the motivation I need to perform at my best during competitions and during training too.”

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