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Nutrition Coaching at PerformancePro

Nutrition coaching is central to PerformancePro’s approach to intelligent personal fitness. Whether you are looking for guidance and support with the essentials or a more intensive nutrition advice, PerformancePro is with you every step of the way.

Everyone is different, so PerformancePro nutrition coaching is not rigid or ‘off the shelf’. Every programme is meticulously thought through and tailored to a client’s individual needs and goals.

Our nutrition coaching programmes are designed to re-educate you, instil good nutritional foundations and integrate them as your lifelong habits. By meeting you and assessing where you’re at, we can then help you make improvements and build healthy habits. This ensures serious progress can be made in a way that has never been easier.

Which Nutrition Coaching programmes suits you best?


NP Standard – 12 week programme

If you’ve some nutrition knowledge and feel motivated, this straightforward nutrition coaching programme is for you.

The 12 week programme includes:

  • Initial 30 min 1:1 session to discuss goals, health history, food diary review and devise the first habit-based steps.
  • Intake questionnaires, 7 day food journal, plus other applicable evaluations
  • 30 minute coaching session every 6 weeks following to review, adjust and check progress.
  • Daily check ins for accountability and personalised coaching, lessons and habits
  • Additional weekly feedback via the app messenger
  • Free 15 minute chat at end of package length to discuss renew/upgrade

NP Premium – 12 week programme

If you have challenges with stress or mood disruptions, sleep, digestive health, weight management or feel like you’ve fallen into the dieting trap, this premium package is for you. You might be a newbie to healthy eating and have a lot of questions, or you might have tried all the diets in the book and developed a disconnection or unhealthy relationship with food. With a premium level of support we take a detailed look at your prior and current health status. This analysis then informs our approach as we develop a comprehensive, habit-based plan to meet your needs and overcome your unique challenges.

The 12 week programme includes:

  • Initial session extended to 60 minutes for comprehensive health appraisal, intake questionnaires, mindset evaluations and further questionnaires as appropriate
  • 7 day food diary review
  • Supplement recommendations as appropriate
  • Free Clifton Strengths Top 5 Test and Report This free bonus helps us tailor our approach to your unique strengths and motivations, while giving you interesting insight on yourself that you can use in home, work or other situations)
  • 30 min session every 3-4 weeks following initial
  • Daily check ins for accountability and personalised coaching, lessons and habits
  • Additional feedback and any questions answered via the app within 72 hours
  • Free 15 minute chat at end of package to discuss renew/upgrade

Nutrition Coaching: from £39 per week

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Nutrition Coaching or Nutritional Therapy and Functional Health?

If you have a complex medical history which requires more clinical investigation, or you are dealing with a specific condition such as infertility, autoimmune conditions or chronic disease, a functional health consultation may be more suitable. This approach may involve biochemical testing to help identify imbalances and utilises both nutritional advice and nutraceuticals where appropriate to restore balance and optimal functioning.

Please take advantage of a free mini consultation to see which option is best suited to you and how we can most effectively help you reach your goals.

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