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Nutrition Coaching at PerformancePro

Nutrition coaching is central to PerformancePro’s approach to intelligent personal fitness. Whether you are looking for guidance and support with the essentials or a more intensive nutrition overhaul, PerformancePro is with you every step of the way.

Everyone is different, so PerformancePro nutrition coaching is not rigid or ‘off the shelf’. Every programme is meticulously thought through and tailored to a client’s individual needs and goals. Devising then following a way of eating that works well with your lifestyle is the key to top performance and a healthy body composition.

Which Nutrition Coaching programmes suits you best?


Nutrition Essentials – 12 week starter programme 

If you’ve some nutrition knowledge and feel motivated, this straightforward nutrition coaching programme is for you.

The 12 week Nutrition Essentials programme includes:

  • 1x 30 minute consultation to discuss current diet, lifestyle and nutrition goals
  • 1x 25 minute follow up consultation including full body composition assessment
  • Nutrition guidelines and starter pack, coaching on how to use the online app
  • Bi weekly feedback via email or Skype call
  • End of week 12 there will be a 30 minute face to face follow up to discuss progress and results

£390 for 12 weeks

Nutrition Overhaul – 12 week intensive programme

If you think of yourself as a stress eater, yo-yo dieter or perhaps a procrastinator when it comes to your relationship with food, this nutrition coaching programme is for you. The nutrition overhaul supports anyone with a body composition, wellbeing or performance related goal. This intensive programme involves tailored menus to meet your specific goals and lifestyle with weekly nutrition coaching on how to make the menus work best and overcome any limiting factors.

The 12 week Nutrition Overhaul programme includes:

  • 1x 45 minute consultation to discuss current diet lifestyle and nutrition goals
  • 5 day nutrition and lifestyle diary
  • 1x 30 minute follow up consultation to take body composition variables and a full body composition report will be emailed to you
  • Tailored menus (when applicable), macronutrient guidance and starter pack
  • Coaching on how to use online app
  • Coaching will be Bi-weekly for 20 minute via phone call (Skype, FaceTime) or in person
  • Unlimited email access
  • Monthly face to face 20 minute follow up to discuss progress, take body composition variables and discuss the plan going forwards

£690 for 12 weeks

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Nutrition Coaching or Nutritional Therapy

If you’re looking for a more clinically based approach to nutrition, PerformancePro is there to help. Nutritional Therapy uses deeper scientific analysis to assess the underlying causes of symptoms which may be upsetting your digestive function, energy production, hormone regulation, immune processes and mental wellbeing. This approach may involve biochemical testing to detect and help address an imbalance

Find out more about Nutritional Therapy at PerformancePro

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