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Nutritional Therapy at PerformancePro

Good nutrition has always been at the heart of the PerformancePro approach. Now with science-based Nutritional Therapy, we’re taking your fitness and our nutrition service a significant step further.

When did you last feel truly well? We all know diet profoundly influences health; every time we eat we have the opportunity to optimise our health and vitality.

It can be difficult to know where to start when we’re bombarded on a daily basis with mixed messages about what is or isn’t good for us.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Yes, there is common sense behind eating well but everyone is different. A truly effective nutritional approach is informed by proper analysis of your individual health goals, genetic predispositions and lifestyle factors.

Importantly, Nutritional Therapy may involve biochemical testing to detect and help address an imbalance, for example in micronutrient status or gut flora.

This combined and tailored approach improves your overall wellbeing including quality of sleep, lifestyle and health. And of course, it helps PerformancePro to help you take your personal fitness to new levels.

Nutritional Therapy at PerformancePro

PerformancePro is delighted to be working in partnership with Sue Appelboom to bring this new integrated nutritional therapy approach to our clients.

Sue is a Registered Nutritional Therapist practising clinical nutrition. Fully equipped with her professional training, a first class BSc (Hons) degree and her own experience competing as an international oarswoman, Sue knows first hand how nutrition influences performance and can help restore wellness.

Sue’s insight, passion and energy to help others realise vitality, peak performance and good health through nutrition make her the perfect partner for PerformancePro,

“I am passionate about healthy eating and provide practical advice to help you make informed choices about nutrition in order to promote wellness. Whether you are interested in managing a particular health issue, stress management, healthy ageing or weight loss, I will work alongside you to devise a nutritional plan specific to your needs.”

PerformancePro director Dan Boulle highlights,

“We’re really excited about this significant development as we integrate Nutritional Therapy into PerformancePro’s overall ethos of intelligent personal fitness. Sue’s down-to-earth yet enlightening approach to this fundamental aspect of an individual’s specific health, fitness and wellbeing makes her the perfect partner for PerformancePro.”

Your next step – Book a consultation

Sue Appelboom’s Nutritional Therapy Clinic at PerformancePro brings this essential new service into the heart of our overall personal fitness training service.

Following your individual client consultation, Sue assesses the underlying causes of the symptoms that may be upsetting your digestive function, energy production, hormone regulation, immune processes and mental wellbeing; drawing on functional testing if necessary.

From there, Sue determines the nutritional interventions that will help you achieve your health goals, such as dietary changes and the safe prescription of nutraceutical supplements.

£120 per 60 minute consultation

Contact us to discuss your nutritional therapy consultation

Nutritional Therapy or Nutrition Coaching

Looking for more general support with your approach to nutrition? PerformancePro’s Nutrition Coaching service is there for you with tailored nutrition programmes ranging from weekly guidance and support with the essentials to a more intensive nutrition overhaul.

Find out more about Nutrition Coaching at PerformancePro

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