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Our Team

Highly qualified.
Totally professional.
Real human beings.

We’re personal trainers and we admit it, we’re also geeks! We’ve studied the science behind health, fitness and performance for years. But, we swear, as your personal trainers we will never lecture you. Instead, we’ll nurture you, motivate you, encourage and support you, so you get fitter, faster, stronger, leaner.

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We’ll also make sure you stay that way, because we don’t just know what we’re talking about when it comes to nutrition, rehabilitation, physiology and biomechanics (aka your body). We’ve practiced what we preach, coming from professional backgrounds in the military and careers as professional athletes and dancers. So, we know a fair bit about the mind and the demands of real life too.

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In addition to the PerformancePro team of personal trainers, we’re proud to partner with some independent coaches, who use our space because it’s the best. Session rates may vary with these coaches.

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  • Dan BoullĂ© Director

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MSc – Strength & Conditioning Science
    • NASM (CPT) – Certified Personal Trainer
    • 16 years coaching experience
    • 13 years British Army


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  • Anthony Purcell Director

    • Cycle Performance Coach
    • BA (Hons) – Business & Fashion Management
    • NASM (CPT) – Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM (SPT) – Sports Performance Trainer
    • Completed – Marmotte, Haute Route, L’E’tape du Tour
    • Competitive road and criterium racer


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  • Mat Grove Director

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • BA (Hons) – Sports & Exercise Studies
    • NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • Ex professional rugby player for Exeter Chiefs & Northampton Saints


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  • Alex Adams Director of Education

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • BSc – Strength & Conditioning Science (First Class Hons)
    • UKSCA – Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
    • Level 2 – British Weightlifting Coach
    • Poliquin Level 2 certified


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  • Will Davis PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MSc – Strength & Conditioning Science
    • BSc – Strength & Conditioning Science
    • CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    • Poliquin – International Certified Level 2 Coach
    • Poliquin – Biosignature Practitioner
    • Strong man competitor

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  • Dave Richards PerformancePro Coach

    • Specialist Conditioning Coach
    • NASM (CPT) – Certified Personal Trainer
    • 14 years coaching experience
    • 15 years playing professional and semi professional football


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  • Marc Brown PerformancePro Coach

    • NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • UK Athletics – qualified running coach
    • Endurance Running Coach
    • BSc (Hons) – Sports Management
    • Running advisor to Well Child – national charity for sick children
    • 9 years coaching experience
    • Marathon runner

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  • Glyn Evans PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • BSc (Hons) – Sport & Exercise Science
    • Studied Yoga in India
    • Muay Thai in Thailand
    • Qi Chong in China
    • 14 years coaching experience


    Find out more about Glyn Evans >>

  • Natasha Cassone PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MSc – Strength & Conditioning
    • BSc – Strength & Conditioning
    • British Weightlifting Level 2 coach
    • Competitive weightlifter


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  • Rob Rees PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • BSc – Strength & Conditioning
    • British Powerlifiting Coach
    • Worked with professional and youth athletes
    • Represents GB on the international Powerlifting circuit


    Find out more about Rob Rees >>

  • James Daley PerformancePro Coach

    • Personal Trainer and Olympic Weightlifting Coach
    • Bsc – Health, Exercise and Physical Activity
    • Weightlifting Coach
    • National Level Weightlifter
    • Semi professional mixed martial artist


    Find out more about James Daley >>


  • Will McAuley PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MSc – Strength & Conditioning candidate
    • PG Cert – Strength & Conditioning
    • BA Hons – Linguistics
    • 7 years coaching experience
    • Previously competed in Powerlifting


    Find out more about Will McAuley >>

  • Dan Chappell PerformancePro Coach

    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MSc – Strength & Conditioning
    • BSc – Strength & Conditioning
    • Exercise Referral Specialist – Level 3
    • ISAK anthropometrics – Level 1
    • Rugby Coach – RFU Level 2


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Our Place

A state-of-the-art
space geared-up
for progress

Unless you’re an elite athlete (and some of our clients are) you’ll never have trained in a gym like ours.
You won’t find gimmicks, fads or the workout of the moment. You’ll find space to really move, work hard and have fun, shared with only a handful of others. You’ll find a sprint track, state-of-the-art timing and testing equipment, Olympic lifting platforms, weight-lifting racks, jump mats, cables, ropes, hammers, sledges.

You won’t be constrained by the fixed movement patterns of machines; you’ll learn to use your core and trunk to control movement and build authentic, sustainable fitness.


Coaching Academy

Kick off your career as a paid intern.

If you’re studying health, fitness, strength and conditioning, and like the sound of our intelligent approach to training, you might be interested in applying to join us on a paid internship.

You’ll be coached by our senior team, who’ll bring to life the latest evidence-based physiology and biomechanics-based techniques. You’ll also learn to treat every client as an athlete, and friend, bringing out their best and making every session positive – and enjoyable!

Assessment is a rigorous combination of practical and theory. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you think you have the passion and commitment to join us you’ll get to work, learn and earn. And if you make the grade, you’ll be offered a full time position.



Job Opportunities

We’re always on the look out for talented people to join the team.

If you’re qualified, committed and like the sound of what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

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