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To us you're an athlete,
not a client

It’s tough to pigeonhole the personal training services we offer. When you come to us, we’ll assess what you want to achieve, then design a realistic, achievable and holistic plan to get you there.

Training for an ultra marathon personal best might involve physio and chiropody. Recovering from a rugby injury might draw on triathlon training wisdom. Losing weight for good could kick-off with a massage (if you’re lucky!).

To us, whatever your goals, you’re an athlete, and we’ll make sure you get personal training services that are not just individually tailored, but also flexible, testable and evolving at every stage or session to keep you on track.

One to One Personal Training

Nutrition Services

Cycle and Triathlon Training

Sports Performance Coaching

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


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To us you're an athlete,
not a client

We don't believe in memberships, contracts or tie-ins. We know if our training is working, our clients happily come back without having to sign on the dotted line. So, simply buy a session, or a bundle, book your time and train.

Oh, and there are no hidden extras - towels, toiletries and lockers are all on us.

Bundle of sessionsCost per sessionTotal cost

Extras for Cyclists
FTP Testing and Power Profile: £85
Blood Lactate Testing: £110

Nutrition Services
Nutrition Coaching: from £30.10 per week
Nutritional Therapy/Functional Health: £115 per 60 minute consultation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Please call us for further information on costs

Please note
Session rates are for PerformancePro coaches only. Prices and promotions may vary for clients training with Independent coaches. Please check with us for details.

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