Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services


Good nutrition is the cornerstone of any health, fitness or performance training regime. With PerformancePro’s nutrition services including Nutrition Coaching and Nutritional Therapy, we help you with a strategy that will achieve your goals and suit your lifestyle.


  • Our Nutrition Coach takes you through an in-depth consultation and body composition analysis to create a personal nutritional plan that’s as unique as you are
  • Choose from either the personal Nutrition Essentials or Nutrition Overhaul programme
  • Our Nutritional Therapist uses deeper scientific analysis to assess the underlying causes of symptoms which may be upsetting your digestive function, energy production, hormone regulation, immune processes and mental wellbeing
  • This may involve biochemical testing to detect and help address an imbalance
  • This approach determines the nutritional interventions such as dietary changes and the safe prescription of nutraceutical supplements
  • Whether it’s personal Nutrition Coaching or Nutritional Therapy that suits you best, PerformancePro is with you every step of the way!



Absolutely. Everyone can benefit from expert, personalised nutritional advice. We’d go as far as to say personal nutrition is a ‘must’ if you’re training for an event, recovering from injury or want to shift some weight for good.


Nutrition Coaching: from £32.50 per week
Nutritional Therapy: £120 per 60 minute consultation

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