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Full Circle of Care – Meet our physio partners

physio at PerformancePro - the circle of care

The PerformancePro approach to physio and rehab puts us ahead of the rest. Integral to our fitter, stronger and smarter ethos, it drives the partnerships we forge.

Meet our neighbours, Oxford Circus Physiotherapy.

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy is home to a team of expert physiotherapists who aim to make people better, faster. This skilled team is headed by clinical director, David Harris, who trained in New Zealand and has been practising in the West End for over a decade. Before this, he worked for professional sports teams and was part of the New Zealand Health team for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

David and the rest of his team at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy, and Portland Physiotherapy just around the corner, are the perfect partners for PerformancePro in helping us complete our ‘circle of care.’

Complete Circle of Care

As you know, the trainers at PerformancePro spend their time with clients on the gym floor, focusing on creating fitter, healthier, leaner, more athletic bodies. Meanwhile, our colleagues next door at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy spend their time in consultation rooms assessing and treating patients to enable them to join the fun and games on the gym floor.

Between us, we complete the circle of care, as our worlds are intrinsically linked, working as partners to arrive at the best outcome for our clients.

‘It’s very simple!’ says PerformancePro director, Dan Boulle. ‘We literally work side by side with the clinical physio team. We share the same gym space, we educate together. If a problem arises we can literally walk the client off the gym floor into a physio’s room. This all helps to create a symbiotic relationship whilst providing a seamless service to our clients.’

So what is physio?

What is physio and what does it do? Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat their patients using manual therapy, postural correction and exercise programmes to maximise recovery potential. Physiotherapy provides pain relief and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions including, sports injuries, post operative orthopaedic surgery, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, knee, hip and foot rehabilitation, arthritic joints and repetitive strain injuries.

As a physio patient, once you’ve been assessed and received initial treatment, you are given a very specific rehabilitation exercise plan to follow when not at the clinic. As you progress, so does your exercise plan.

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy provide the full range of physio services at their purpose built rehabilitation facility including:

PerformancePro Physio Partners

Once a patient has reached their desired level of recovery, they start working with the PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning team to build on the aforementioned exercise plan. This involves advanced rehabilitation and can lead into full athletic training, if appropriate.

PerformancePro’s approach to physio and rehab is informed by science, the breadth and depth of the team’s personal experience and the trusted working relationship forged with Oxford Circus Physiotherapy.

If you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or simply dealing with everyday aches affecting your quality of life, we can help.

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