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Will Davis - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Will Davis, PerformancePro trainer and strength coach. Will delivers thousands of hours of bespoke one to one training AND inspires others with his writing and online educational support. He also knows and shares more than a thing or two about nutrition.

Life before PerformancePro

Will Davis was born in Kent and has always loved sport. From a young age he competed in athletics and rugby and went on the study for a BSc in Exercise Science followed by an MSc in Strength & Conditioning.

Will is a man of few words when it comes to talking about himself, but he is happy to share his main ambition when it comes to his career,

“I want to make the world a stronger place.”

Will Davis and PerformancePro

Will was working at another gym in London when he heard through a friend that PerformancePro was opening. He came to visit, liked what he saw and started working at PerformancePro in 2013.

For Will, it’s all about the great location, the gym itself and the friendly atmosphere.

In addition to his regular one to one personal training with us, Will also runs PerformancePro’s strong man class at weekends. This focussed session is attended by some very dedicated and NOW very strong men and women!

And away from the gym?

Away from the gym, Will likes boxing, snowboarding and competing in Strongman competitions. On the boxing front, Will not only attends many fights as a fan, but also plays a key role in training and helping these boxing athletes become stronger, faster and more powerful.

He also listens to drum and bass!

Will’s own fitness

Will’s own fitness regime includes strength training four times a week and boxing twice a week. For him and his clients, he recommends the following top tips.

Top 3 Do’s

  • Be consistent
  • Apply overload
  • Follow a nutrition plan that works for you

Top 3 Don’ts

  • Think only about the short-term
  • Listen to mainstream news for fitness/nutrition advice
  • Follow any plan that you can’t stick to


For inspiration and motivation, Will looks to people who made a name for themselves in the  fitness industry before 2015 and the overload of online ‘fitness experts.’

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