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Alton Brown - Sports Performance at PerformancePro

Sports performance coaching is key for PerformancePro. Alongside our personal training for clients from all walks of life, we are training elite athletes to be the best that they can be. We love this!

We love the fact that PerformancePro’s science-led, professional sports performance coaching attracts the very best. But most of all, whether or not you class yourself as a sports person, we love that our training approach is of the highest of standards – it’s just that people’s individual goals are different.

It’s the variety, experience and commitment of our clients and team that make PerformancePro the uniquely inspirational and highly successful place it is.

To help share some of this inspiration, we are shining the spotlight on some of PerformancePro’s top athletes. Yes, they’re at the top of their game in their chosen sport, but they’re also your fellow client and their motivation is contagious… So you’re in good company.


Alton Brown is a truly world class athlete and a champion in his chosen sport of Olympic Karate.

He was just 11 when a friend showed him a few self defence moves he had learnt from a local class. This was also around the time when the Karate Kid movies came out.  He was instantly attracted to this martial art, absolutely loved the lessons, the hard work and ultimately the rewards.

Alton started competing for the English National Team aged 17 and soon became England’s European Champion, multiple times. Now a multiple world, European and Commonwealth medallist, Alton is currently in the qualification process for the Toyko 2020 Olympic Games.

Alton’s story so far

Alton has had to face many obstacles over the course of his career,

“I’m from a working class family with the restrictions that can entail, including affordability. But, I worked really hard at the sport, and had a few key people in my early years who supported my participation.

Alton hascompeted for England / GB for over 15 years and now competes for Jamaica. He is now #1 in Caribbean, #2 in Pan America, #17 in the World and is making history for Jamaica as the first karate athlete to medal at a major regional championship.

Next up, the Toyko 2020 Olympic Games and more… Throughout his career, Alton has shared his passion and energy by helping others. His lead up to competing in Tokyo is no exception,

“I’m chasing my Olympic dream and developing young people around the world in the process through the martial arts. This includes right across the UK, Jamaica and later this year I’ve a major trip to Varanasi India through FairFight, a Netherlands based charity using martial arts to positively impact young women in India.”

And the Olympics?

“Making the move to represent Jamaica was one of my major career challenges. Getting used to a new region, negotiations with a new federation, galvanising support from the Olympic Federation, joining the world federation, and all of that before then needing to focus on winning medals for my new country. It has been a journey, but a worthwhile one.”

Meanwhile, Alton continues to train at Performance. He is a regular client and we are very proud to be supporting him.

Alton Brown and PerformancePro

Alton has been a client at PerformancePro since 2012. He has worked with various members of the team over the years, including director Dan Boulle. Performance Pro has made a commitment to support Alton Brown’s journey towards the 2020 Olympic Games,

“I train at PerformancePro twice per week with Tomas. I love the fact that the focus is very much on getting the best out of each individual. For me this is vital. As an elite athlete, I need my trainers to be as passionate about my success as I am.

“I love the phrase – ‘nobody gets to the Olympic games by accident.’ I am very results-driven and my programme needs to be very intentional. PerformancePro are great at that.”

PerformancePro has always been involved in Alton’s wider preparation. All great athletes need a great team around to support the direction of their training. PerformancePro is an integral part of Alton Brown’s training team,

“Yes, I train twice a week at PerformancePro AND I also have regular contact with them outside of these times for advice and input. They’ve been great at allowing my wider team to witness training sessions and have had a major impact on my ability to set high standards for myself. Training at the PerformancePro allows me to feel more like a professional. This is vital for me, particularly as an athlete who also has a day job, a family and responsibilities.”

Alton Brown and everyday life

Training at this level does impact on everyday life. It takes Alton away from his family for extended periods. He is self-funded which means a lot of fundraising activities and working a job. This is all in addition to operating as a world class athlete. Not to mention his role as an exemplary ambassador for his sport!

For Alton Brown, it’s all worth it,

“The experiences I gain as a competitor add so much to my daily life. They allow me to inspire those around me to stay fit and healthy, to chase their dreams and to show the next generation a pathway to success against the odds. I also have an autoimmune illness known as lupus so training can sometimes have an impact on this. But I firmly believe that this is a huge part of why I’m so successful.”

Beyond sports performance

The benefits of sports performance training go way beyond excelling in your chosen sport as Alton explains,

“Discipline, drive and knowledge combine to help you maximise the end result. The result is a feeling that everything in life is possible, if you put in the work. You know you can be absolutely effective under pressure and that you have a very structured approach to managing everyday stress.”

Beyond his sporting life, Alton Brown finds inspiration in his family and helping others,

“I have several places I look to for inspiration. The main ones are my two beautiful children aged 5 and 3, and also my younger brother who sadly passed away this year aged 21. Importantly, I like to look back at the positive impact I’ve been able to have on others through my career as an athlete. These things keep me motivated and help me give my all, especially on the challenging days.”

What’s next for Alton?

As Alton approaches the final stages of qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, he has 11 months left to go. He has 4 major championships this year; the Caribbean Championships in Dominican Republic and Premier League events in Tokyo, Moscow, Madrid; then 5 more in early 2020. All of these lead to the final qualification tournament in France, in May 2020.

PerformancePro is immensely proud to be part of Alton Brown’s training team and we wish him every success over the months to come.

What’s next for you?

If Alton’s success with his sports performance has inspired you to take your next step, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never set foot in a gym, we’re here for you.

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