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Back Pain - PerformancePro can help

Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint in the UK. It causes misery and costs the economy millions of pounds in lost revenue.

At PerformancePro, we work closely with our partners at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy to ensure clients who come to us with back pain receive the best advice, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Over the next couple of months, we are sharing some of our insights and experience on helping people with back pain. In this first article, we asked Oxford Circus Physiotherapy director, David Harris, to talk about their specialist approach.


The team at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy specialise in the rehabilitation and management of common back complaints to speed up clients’ return to work or sport. If you suffer from back or neck pain it’s important to get the right diagnosis from a health professional first. Often chronic conditions include anything from spinal disc issues, facet joint injuries or sacroiliac dysfunction, all the way through to working with patients who have undergone spinal surgery.

Much of the team’s work at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy revolves around finding strategies and rehabilitative protocols to help negate the need for more serious interventions or surgery.


Many clients ask ‘what is the best exercise for back pain?

There is no one exercise that suits everyone, so it is important to personalise a plan to your individual needs. The most appropriate is specific to the imposed demands of your working or sporting environment.

Whether referred from a consultant or self-referred, the first step for any client suffering with a common back complaint is to analyse the specific needs of the individual. At Oxford Circus Physiotherapy, we plan and implement an initial phase of rehabilitation to help integrate you back into a regular exercise routine.


Once over the initial pain and dysfunction, Oxford Circus Physiotherapy often refers clients onto PerformancePro for specialist rehabilitation. We then work together as a team, so we can monitor and supervise progressive return to work and sport.

It’s important to personalise each individual programme, as there is no one approach to suit everyone. Working with an integrated team like Oxford Circus Physiotherapy and PerformancePro will ensure the most appropriate rehabilitation for your needs. 


This integrated approach to physio and rehab puts PerformancePro ahead of the rest. It is at the heart of our fitter, stronger and smarter ethos, as we continue to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Once you have reached your desired level of recovery with Oxford Circus Physiotherapy, you start working with the PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning team to build on the aforementioned exercise plan. This involves advanced rehabilitation and can lead into full athletic training, where appropriate.

PerformancePro’s approach to physio and rehab is informed by science, the breadth and depth of the team’s personal experience and the trusted working relationship forged with Oxford Circus Physiotherapy.

‘It’s very simple!’ says PerformancePro director, Dan Boulle. ‘We literally work side by side with the OCP clinical physio team. We share the same gym space, we educate together. If a problem arises we can literally walk the client off the gym floor into a physio’s room. This all helps to create a symbiotic relationship whilst providing a seamless service to our clients.’

If you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or simply dealing with everyday aches affecting your quality of life, we can help.

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