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Bar Bells & Mortar Boards

PerformancePro founder on Bar Bells and Mortar Boards

PerformancePro founder, Daniel Boullé, explains why the combination of professional sports experience and degree-level qualifications makes all the difference to clients who train with him and his team.

“There’s no one simple solution to feeling and looking good. There’s no magic wand to make it all better. There are however really effective ways to work hard at achieving your goals. Here at PerformancePro we take our cues from the latest sports, health and fitness research.

Our coaches are grown ups with sports science and Masters degrees, plus years of experience mastering their craft. They are also bright, fun, articulate people with the same worries and challenges as you.

So you won’t get false promises, cheap gimmicks, fads or workouts of the moment, to trick you into working with us. Instead we will motivate, support and guide you towards achieving your ambitions, using best practice gathered from the worlds of physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Most importantly it’s all about fitness that lasts.

We opened our doors to our first client, Adam Wildi, at 12.30pm on March 25th 2013. As people and personalities we are as different as our clients, however as coaches we are united in our expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to intelligent personal fitness. And when it comes to wellbeing we know that it all comes down to good days, bad days, and everything in-between.”

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