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Ben Lewis - PerformancePro Coach

Meet Ben Lewis, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach. Ben brings 13 years of personal trainer experience to PerformancePro, from the National Basketball Association to movie sets and more.

Ben specialises in corrective exercise, weight loss, body recomposition and sports performance. We caught up with him to find out more about the newest member of PerformancePro’s prestigious coaching team.

Ben’s life before PerformancePro

Ben played professional basketball in Texas and California having won an NCAA basketball scholarship from Edinburgh to New York when he was 18.  He also trained NBA, college, and high school basketball players in strength and conditioning and skill work in Los Angeles.

He was a personal trainer at Sony Pictures Studios for 4 years, preparing actors for movie roles and training directors, producers and crew on film sets in New York and Connecticut.  

Ben specialises in corrective exercise, weight loss, body recomposion and sports performance and has worked with physiotherapists in both Los Angeles and London. He has worked with athletes going through rehabilitation getting them back to sport, gaining extensive experience in post-surgery ACL performance. 

In addition to basketball, Ben trains in football, tennis, boxing, uphill cycling.

Ben Lewis and PerformancePro

Initially, it was PerformanecPro’s location and reputation that attracted Ben. Now he’s part of the team PerformancePro he really enjoys being part of the team and the environment. He describes PerformancePro as “the friendliest PT environment I have ever been around!”

And away from the gym?

Away from the gym, Ben still plays and follows basketball closely. His other passion is music, both music production and going to gigs. And when he’s not engaged in either of these?

“I enjoy hanging out with my dog too much. And I have a baby on the way!”

Ben’s own fitness

Ben’s own fitness regime depends on what he enjoys and how he performs.  He is currently focused on keeping his body in check so he can play basketball well into my 40’s,

“I want to be able to be strong as well as able to move efficiently and recover well.”

Top 3 fitness Do’s and Don’ts?


  1. show up and train with intensity
  2. find it and train with a purpose be it in a sport or simply putting more weight on the bar in the gym
  3. master the compound movements


  1. sweat the small stuff “majoring in the minors”
  2. forget about nutrition and sleep
  3. hop from program to program.  Make a plan and execute.


For inspiration, Ben looks to:

  • Dr. Kelly Starrett for his world leading body of information about biokinetics
  • Nick Mitchell for his personal training passion and intensity during his sessions
  • Squat University as a great source of information for helping clients on squats, deadlifts and presses
  • Stu Mcgill for core stability
  • Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for their approach to competition

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