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Brishan O’Brien – Trainer and Running Coach

Brishen O'Brien - PerformancePro

Meet Brishan O’Brien, PerformancePro Personal Trainer and Running Coach. His focus is complete performance coaching and he specialises in strength performance, endurance performance and sports specific training.

Brishan is dedicated to ‘making my best efforts to infuse positivity and proactivity to the gym environment.’

We took some time out with him to find out more about him, his philosophy and his approach.

Brishan’s life before PerformancePro

Brishan was born in Dublin, and raised in the South of France, where he was introduced to a plethora of sports including white water kayaking, rock climbing and competitive swimming at a young age.

As a teenager, Brishan played for the Academy Team of U.S.Carcassonne, a French Professional Rugby Team. When he was 14 years old, he developed a keen interest in sports science and began to learn more about sports, under the guidance of his academy team’s Strength Coach.

When he moved back to Dublin, Brishan began to pursue Athletics (his first love) full time as a semi professional athlete. He went on to win multiple national championship titles in long distance running. He also began studying Sports, Coaching and Management at the Open University, followed by Personal Training and Neuromuscular Therapy at The National Training Centre in Dublin. Since his graduation in 2020, Brishan has worked in multiple gym environments, as well as with individual athletes from a variety of different sports.

But Brishan wanted more. He wasn’t satisfied with the average gym environment.

After an interview process with EXOS Performance in Minesotta, USA, Brishan abandoned a lengthy plan to move to America and decided he wanted to stay in Europe. He discovered PerformancePro and moved to London.

Brishan and PerformancePro

We asked Brishan what attracted him to PerformancePro.

“The Quality, Experience and Knowledge of the Coaching Staff is second to none. Far exceeding any other gym in London that I know of. And as a bit of nerd myself when it comes to developing my knowledge, I knew it was a set up that I wanted to be a part of.

“Their High Performance Approach to running the facility made it a no-brainer. Expert quality, proactive attitude, while still being down to earth and all-round good company.“

And away from the gym?

Away from the gym, Brishan trains to compete as a Distance Runner. His current goals are to transition from Track Running to Competitive Marathon Running.

With a family background in acting, and a keen interest in style and fashion, Brishan models as side gig.

When he has time, he loves to go back to my childhood roots in Southern Europe for skiing in the winter and slalom kayaking or rock climbing during the summer.

Brishan’s own fitness

Brishan trains 6 days a week. His schedule Involves large amounts of running, and a consistent weekly resistance training schedule, The latter supplements what he describes as his ‘excessive running habits’ and builds towards the personal strength and body composition goals he has set himself.

Top 3 fitness Do’s and Don’ts?

  1. Do stay hydrated throughout the day. You’ll feel way more energised if you drink enough.
  2. Do make sure you get enough sleep. It’s your greatest tool for growth and recovery.
  3. Do both Resistance and Metabolic (Cardio) Training. Regardless of your goals, you’ll need both to build your best self.
  1. Don’t overtrain. Finding the balance can be hard, but consistency will always win through, no need to over do it.
  2. Don’t neglect pain. If you feel an injury coming on, stop! And get some feedback.
  3. Don’t fall into a negative mindset. Fitness is a privilege. You don’t have to train, you GET to train. Enjoy it and the results will come.


For inspiration and motivation, Brishan looks to the everyday and beyond,

“Dedication motivates me, I love seeing people who have the guts to commit or to give things a shot. A dedicated parent, teacher or construction worker inspires me just as much as dedicated athlete. It’s the heart behind it that counts for me.

“I also draw inspiration from History, Philosophy and Theology. There are great principles and morals to old stories.”



Just 3 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station. PerformancePro’s Intelligent Personal Training right in the heart of central London’s West End.


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