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Lifestyle fitness with Louise Hunt

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Louise Hunt saw how PerformancePro transformed her husband’s life by helping his rehabilitation from years of back problems. So she decided to see for herself what impact regular training could have. Here’s her insight on lifestyle fitness…

Lifestyle fitness

Over the years, Louise’s motivation to train has changed according to whatever she’s doing. We asked her to share more on this common sense and flexible lifestyle fitness approach to her personal training, and how PerformancePro stays fit for the job.

‘I started with the aim of being able to run with my son years ago, but now it’s about wake boarding! I’m about to hit 50 and I feel good and I’ve been able to take up wake boarding without completely wrecking myself. It’s perceived as a young person’s sport, but my training focus on improving core strength and upper body with PerformancePro equips me well. Plus, the general improvement in my core stability has meant I am at far less risk of injury in other areas of exercise that I do.’

Listening and responding

Louise trains once a week with PerformancePro director, Dan Boulle. Whatever the session entails, she appreciates the time spent on ‘niggle areas’ before they move on to the strength and cardio work. This listening, responsive and holistic approach is what sets PerformancePro apart, Louise explains why,

‘It’s very important to me that I am never just steam rolled into exercises just to tick boxes. Dan listens to everything I say and responds to it, whether it be a twingy back on a particular day or even just that I’m feeling drained for whatever reason before I start. To me this makes the difference between Performance Pro and everyone else.

‘Another thing that sets PerformancePro apart is that physio is part of the setup. Dan will often refer any aches or niggles to a physio to have a quick look before I start exercising. This way he can then give me exactly the exercises I need or hold back on anything that might aggravate it. This tailored approach, along with expert training and superb knowledge of wellbeing, including nutrition, ensures I’m in good hands at all times.’

Feeling better

It still surprises Louise how much she enjoys PerformancePro, given she hates the usual idea of going to the gym! For her, it’s all about feeling better both physically and, possibly more importantly, mentally after her session.

‘And yes, I also love the humour, even though Dan’s jokes are appalling!! It makes the session fun and I really need that.’

When she isn’t training (and laughing) with PerformancePro, Louise is a mum of two and an accountant, artist and singer. She used to row and loved it. Now she wakes boards and loves it.

So, what’s her next goal and how can PerformancePro help?

‘My next milestone is to keep my fitness and health up over the coming years.’

We love that!

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Lifestyle fitness at PerformancePro - Louise Hunt and Dan Boulle







Lifestyle fitness at PerformancePro - Louise Hunt in action








Lifestyle fitness at PerformancePro - Louise Hunt in training

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