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Cyclefit the Perfect Fit

Cyclefit - PerformancePro

Meet Cyclefit and find out why PerformancePro’s relationship with this world-class company really is the perfect fit. Also news of a great partner deal for PeformancePro and Cyclefit clients.

Cyclefit provides a professional bike fitting service and custom builds custom bikes. We took some time out with co-founder, Julian Wall, for his very honest insight into how and why his professional and personal worlds meet.

“In 2001, co-founder Philip Cavell and I had a regular bike store. Both of us had injuries and were looking for help, we also needed a bike fit. When we met bike designer and visionary, Ben Serotta, and found out more about his fit school, our journey into bike fitting and custom frame building started.”

Since then, Julian and Philip have devoted more space and resources to bike fitting than any other company in Europe. They have travelled the world studying, developing, teaching and creating bike fitting techniques for amateur riders, global bike manufacturers, and World Tour Riders,

“We dedicate our working lives to this because we know how important bike fitting is to the enjoyment and performance of the most beautiful sport on earth! Quite simply, we love helping people of all abilities enjoy their cycling.”

This dedication is heartfelt. Julian is an accomplished cyclist in his own right but even when we ask him about his cycling highlights, he goes straight back to the day job!

 “Getting positive feedback from Cyclefit clients is always a highlight. We get a lot of job satisfaction when a rider becomes pain free or improves their performance.”

Cyclefit and PerformancePro – the perfect fit

Julian’s commitment to his clients is the driving force behind Cyclefit’s partnership with PerformancePro,

“Cyclefit and PerformancePro are the perfect fit. A lot of our customers can improve their cycling with better strength and conditioning. This is where PerformancePro’s professional personal fitness service perfectly complements ours. Anthony and the team have unparalleled cycle performance knowledge and specialist training expertise. They help train Cyclefit clients to become stronger and, so importantly, reduce injury risk.”

Partnership in action – Etape du Tour 2018

So what does happen when Cyclefit and PerformancePro team up? To demonstrate the partnership in action, Julian and PerformancePro director Anthony Purcell are on a mission.

The Etape du Tour takes place in the French Alps, starting in Annecy and finishing 169km and 4100m of climbing later in Le Grand Bornand. For Julian and Anthony, it’s the opportunity to ride a stage of the 2018 Tour de France on 100% closed roads, on exactly the same route as the Pros 9 days later.

But before they get there, there’s some serious cycle performance training to be done. Julian explains his goals for this year’s Etape and why he’s working with PerformancePro,

“Riding a bike at 54 is not enough on its own to perform well in an 8 hour mountainous event. I know that Anthony and his team at PerformancePro can improve my performance by helping strengthen and condition my body. I ride the Etape every year and I’m getting slower. This year I aim to perform better.”

 The Perfect Fit Cycle Performance training programme

Julian’s 1-2-1 cycle performance training programme cycle at the PerformancePro gym is already under way. It includes:

  • Gym-based consultation with goal setting, movement screening, body fat stats and nutrition consultation
  • Functional Training Power (FTP) Test and Power Profile at key stages
  • Twice weekly Strength and Conditioning coaching sessions

Look out for updates over the course of Julian’s training as we open up the PerformancePro strength and conditioning approach and share insights from both Julian and Anthony. Meanwhile…

Your perfect fit

Are you inspired by the above and want to take your own cycling performance up a gear? Here are two ways to get started and make the most of both Cyclefit and PerformancePro between now and Mon 30 July 2018:

Sign up for PerformancePro Cycling Training and enjoy complementary Functional Training Power (FTP) Test and Power Profile as part of your programme. Simply mention Perfect Fit when you book your initial consultation.

Book with Cyclefit and enjoy 10% discount on any of Cyclefit’s bike fitting and workshop services. Contact Julian directly for further information –   Julian@cyclefit.co.uk


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