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Dan Chappell - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Dan Chappell, PerformancePro Strength and Conditioning Coach. With an impressive track record as player and coach, Dan’s experience is firmly grounded in the world of rugby. Needless to say (but we’re going to anyway!) strength and conditioning in rugby is not just the key to competitive fitness, it’s also essential to long term health of the players.

It’s this valuable knowledge, expertise and understanding that Dan brings to the PerformancePro team. We asked him to tell us more…

Life before PerformancePro

Dan Chappell is from Twickenham (yes really!) and has always enjoyed being active and involved in a variety of sports. It was the process of researching how to improve his own performance that brought him to strength and conditioning and a career he really enjoys,

“I love being part of the process that enables clients and athletes to reach new levels.”

Dan brings theory and practice to his coaching approach. Having studied for his BSc Health Exercise and Physical Activity at St Mary’s University, he went on to gain an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Cardiff Met University. Equipped with the theory, roles as strength and conditioning coach for Bath then Bristol Rugby Club gave Dan extensive practice!

Broadening the scope and level of his coaching, Dan then went on to train multisport Scholarship athletes at Imperial College London then worked as Head of Strength and Conditioning at Ealing Rugby Academy

Dan Chappell and PerformancePro

So when Dan arrived at PerformancePro he knew a thing or two, not least that there’s always more to learn! In other words, PerformancePro’s commitment to sports science and education resonates with Dan. He also appreciates the level of professionalism and client-focused team approach we have here.

“Quite simply, I enjoy working with great coaches in a well-run gym with a great team of physios on hand to support what we do. Most of all, I enjoy the relationships I build with my clients as I  help them achieve their goals. Whether they are trying to return from injury, improve athletic performance or just looking after their health, we work together towards success.”

And away from the gym?

Not surprisingly as an ex rugby player, Dan is still a keen fan. In fact, he loves most sports and enjoys combining the watching with the socialising.  Dan is usually out and about and likes to keep active.

Dan’s own fitness

Dan’s own training regime is to the point and as though from a menu!

“I have 3 to 4 weights sessions per week with a side of conditioning.”

And his Fitness Do’s and Don’ts are also refreshingly easy to digest,

“Do value mobility and flexibility to prevent poor posture and promote good movement mechanics.”

“Don’t go to extreme with your diet as it will more often than not come back to bite you.”


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