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Fitness adventure with Magda Garbacz

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Magda Garbacz walked into PerformancePro on Great Titchfield Street just over three years ago. From there, her self-described fitness adventure began…

Magda Garbacz walked into PerformancePro on Great Titchfield Street just over three years ago. She had noticed our sign and, following a friend’s recommendation, decided to come in and talk to us. Since then our logo has changed and our gym has been refitted. Throughout, Magda’s desire to train with us has remained and her self-described ‘fitness adventure’ continues.

A client’s first step

Working with her PerformancePro coach, Chris Panayiotou, Magda usually trains once a week with us. We took some time out between sessions to ask about her perspective on training with PerformancePro.

Magda has always been keen on fitness, mostly cycling and running. Her interest in strength training stems from understanding the key role strength plays in injury prevention and longevity. Before PerformancePro, Magda was self-educated, turning to books to find out about lifting techniques. When she walked into our gym three years ago, Magda was ready to take the next step and seek some professional fitness support.

More than a means to an end

At PerformancePro, we often welcome clients who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. Sometimes people come for one reason and quickly realise they’re looking for something else.

It was clear that Magda knew what she was wanted from us. Her initial goal was to improve her cycling performance, the starting point for which was some basic strength training.

From the start, Magda embraced strength training, a key element of which was Olympic Weightlifting. Her interest in this was to take her way beyond her initial goal. For Magda, strength training is no longer just about injury prevention, it has become a significant, fulfilling and transformational part of her life. The means to the end has become the end in itself.

Magda’s fascination with Olympic Weightlifting grew and her desire to learn and practise this new skill became the priority. So much so, she no longer cycles to compete but currently competes in Olympic Weightlifting.

Magda reveals the impact Olympic Weightlifting has had in helping her discover ‘the best version of herself,

What amazes me is how much I’ve learned about myself and discovered what I’m capable of doing as an individual. The learning process of developing a new skill over time, where the focus isn’t quick wins but an accumulation of knowledge, is hugely rewarding. Every session has its own focus where you discover new things, but everything you do goes towards building the full picture.

‘Yes you become physically stronger but by gaining knowledge, facing fears and overcoming barriers you also become wiser and much more confident.’

Fitness adventure, surprises and friendship

For Magda, it’s the learning process and surprises along the way that fascinate her. So much so, she describes her relationship with PerformancePro as a fitness adventure.

We asked Magda what she felt differentiated PerformancePro from other personal training gyms,

Walking into a gym can be quite intimidating, but the team and set up at PerformancePro is really welcoming and you feel comfortable straight away. What impresses me is how they are genuinely interested in not just personal needs and goals, but also in engaging and educating you throughout. I have my own personal trainer Chris AND I also have the whole PerformancePro team interested in my progress. They each offer something different and the cumulative expertise and knowledge is incredible. There’s a real feeling of shared experience, it’s a great environment, with a social aspect and I’ve established trusted friendships along the way.’

Away from the gym, Magda balances her work with a life of discovery and variety including her travels and love of good food and good company. Magda recently turned 32 and her latest fitness adventure with PerformancePro is joining the strongman class with Will Davis.

Everyone’s fitness adventure with PerformancePro is different and whichever path you take, we’re with you every step of the way.

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