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Fitter, stronger and pain free

Fitter, stronger and pain free with PerformancePro

At PerformancePro we take the ‘personal’ in personal training to heart. Essentially, PerformancePro’s reputation is built upon the results we get for our clients. Equally important is the trusted and often long-term relationship we build with each individual.

In this profile, ‘Fitter, Stronger and Pain free’, long term client James Rigg shares his experience with PerformancePro.

Meet PerformancePro client, James Rigg

James Rigg is a Director and Fund Manager by day and trains with PerformancePro by night (and some mornings too). Employed in a predominantly deskbound roll for his entire working life, James was aware of the toll it was taking on his overall fitness.

James’s relationship with Dan Boulle, PerformancePro director, started back in 2006.

 “When I first met Dan I was unfit, had poor posture and suffered with repeated bouts of back pain. Working with PerformancePro it quickly became apparent that the knowledge I thought I had relating to training was outmoded, incorrect and very limited.”

Fitter, Stronger and Pain free with PerformancePro

Over the past 10 years, James and Dan have worked together with a programme that has progressively advanced. In addition to the week to week training, PerformancePro has also supported James with managing a degenerative lower lumbar condition.

“As a result I am vastly fitter, stronger and more flexible, have increased muscle mass and, most importantly, am pain free. Dan has taken the time to develop my knowledge of how the body works and, with the support of his team at PerformancePro, I continue to move forward.

“Anybody looking to improve themselves physically, fight back from injury or enhance their performance should definitely speak to Dan and the PerformancePro team.”

Your next step with PerformancePro

Whatever stage you’re at, if you’re serious about your health and fitness we can help. Whether you’re training for an extreme event, recovering from injury or simply want to tone-up and shift some weight.

We don’t believe in memberships, contracts or tie-ins. We know our personal training works so our clients happily come back without having to sign on the dotted line.

So, the first step is your free consultation then it’s up to you whether you buy a personal training session, or a bundle. Then simply book your time and train.

Take you first step and book your free consultation with PerformancePro today >>


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