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Your free kitbag and training pack

Free kitbag PerformancePro

Pick up your free kitbag and training pack at PerformancePro. Not just for Christmas, this new client benefit makes life easier and is literally ‘fit for purpose’…

To make life easier and help ensure your fitness with PerformancePro is literally ‘fit for purpose’, we’re giving every client their own kitbag and training pack.

Your free kitbag and training pack

This new client benefit isn’t just about freebies to say thank you, the PerformancePro kitbag and training pack is really useful. Here’s why…

  • Waterproof draw string kitbag – a smart and practical way to keep and carry your kit before and after training so you can get on with the rest of your day.
  • PerformancePro t-shirt – a stylishly branded black t-shirt to complement your training gear (simply choose the right size for you when you pick up your kit bag).
  • Resistance band and activation exercise postcard – quick and easy warm up kit with instructions for muscle activation and joint stability.
  • Your PerformancePro client card – start swiping when you visit so you can join in with our future PerformancePro prize draws.

Simply pick up your kitbag and training pack next time you visit PerformancePro.

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