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Your Gut Health

Gut Health - PerformancePro

Once you’re on top of your healthy eating, the next step is to consider your gut health. How effective is your body at using the fuel you put in it?

Gut health – the right balance

Most of us know that exercising is just half the battle when trying to lead a full healthy life. Without good nutrition, we are only winning on one front. In fact, it could be argued that nutrition is more important for a healthy life than exercise.

So, once you are on top of your healthy eating, the next step is to consider how effective your body is at using the fuel you put in it ie. the extraction and absorption of all the nutrients we need. This is very dependent upon how healthy our gut is and by this we mean the balance of natural bacteria or gut flora.

Boosting your Gut flora

The gut flora is a wonderful collection of microscopic bacteria that help train the immune system, defend against pathogens and metabolise compounds in our food. Everyday life potentially impacts on the health and balance of our gut flora e.g. pollutants in the air we breathe, the food we eat and antibiotics.

In addition to the familiar link with digestion and increasingly recognised conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), scientists are also starting to understand the possible links between gut health and brain function. This research is in its early stages but the scientific community are recognising links between gut health and Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression.

With all that in mind, giving your gut flora a boost seems like a good idea!

We’re all familiar with the ‘good bacteria, bad bacteria’ probiotic advertising and potential marketing bandwagon that comes with it. At PerformancePro, however, we always research beyond the mainstream brands to investigate the science behind the latest products.

Symprove Gut Health at PerformanceProSymprove – an introduction

Most probiotics are not robust enough to survive the human gastrointestinal tract to effectively improve and sustain the gut flora growth and balance. They tend only to be single symptom products and do not have the lasting effect needed, especially when it comes to addressing the multifaceted symptoms of IBS and other conditions.


Symprove is the only product to fully arrive in the gut and deliver the amount of probiotic needed. The probiotic then survives at the same concentration when exposed to the gut flora bacteria. It then helps the bacteria colony grow and thrive.



The 12 week Symprove Programme has been thoroughly and independently investigated and tested by UCL and Kings College London.

This small addition to your daily routine makes a lasting difference. Results show that the Symprove Programme is safe, well tolerated and efficacious in restoring gut bacteria. Those suffering IBS who use Symprove are able to get their life back and live it symptom-free.

PerformancePro and the Symprove Programme

PerformancePro has been working with the Symprove team to help our clients access this comprehensive breakthrough treatment. Our coaches are now fully equipped with the knowledge and training to provide the Symprove programme alongside PerformancePro’s other fitness and nutrition services.

We recommend our clients complete the full 12 Week Programme to help restore gut bacteria. To help acknowledge this commitment, once you’ve completed the first 8 weeks, we offer the last 4 weeks for free.

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