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Helena Hung - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Helena Hung, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach. Unlike most of our coaches, Helena didn’t play sports growing up! She was a model for 12 years, so how and why did exercise change her life?

Life before PerformancePro

Helena Hung was born in Brazil, grew up in Chile, and went to university in Japan where she studied Sociology.  Since graduating she has lived in Hong Kong, New York, and now London.

Unlike most of our coaches, Helena didn’t play sports growing up. She was a model for 12 years, and although she always ate healthy, exercise was not part of her day-to-day. When she did start exercising, however, it changed her life,

“I saw and felt positive changes in my strength, flexibility, appearance, and energy levels.  I had always avoided exercising because I thought I wasn’t good at it, and it took me a long time to realize that anyone can do it!  This motivated me to develop training into a career. I want to motivate and share the joy of training with others, especially those who are reluctant to go to the gym, like I used to be.”

With PerformancePro, Helena enjoys working with a variety of clients, creating individualised programs tailored to an individual’s needs and goals, including fat loss, strength training, and rehabilitation work.

Helena Hung and PerformancePro

For Helena, training with a personal trainer is much better than going to the gym on her own. It was her own quest to find a trainer she liked that led her to PerformancePro. As a client, she liked what she saw. She appreciated and learned about the rigorous education program for trainers at Performance Pro. So much so she decided she wanted to work here!

“I like to have someone to push me and challenge me to improve.  I moved to London in 2017, and after about 8 failed attempts finding a personal trainer I liked, I found James at PerformancePro (with whom I still train!). 

“I noticed during my sessions with James that all the other trainers in the gym were very qualified. This took me by surprise as in most gyms I have been to or worked at; trainers tend to be dispassionate or unengaged.”

“Performance Pro really is one of a kind.  We have a clinical team who we can consult and refer clients to if they have injuries. We have a nutritionist for clients looking to receive guidance about pairing eating habits with training.

“What I like the most is the culture here. Trainers are not competing against each other, but constantly supporting each other to improve ourselves for the benefit of our clients.  That’s why I decided I wanted to work here.”

And away from the gym?

For Helena, her training and lifestyle are inextricably linked. We really admire her honest, healthy and realistic approach,

“I train so I can eat whatever I want, except for junk food which it’s just bad for you! I have a veggie/fruit smoothie every morning and I can’t live without bread and rice. I also love shopping, and I’m a skincare and makeup junkie.”

Helena’s own fitness

Helena trains 3-4 times a week and always ensures she stretches after every workout. She prefers training with weights over running and combines 3 heavy training days with 1-2 light and recovery days.

Top 3 Do’s

  • Make training your favourite part of the day! You just have to find something you love doing and not something that feels like a chore.
  • Do lift weights, ladies! No, they won’t make you bulky.
  • Do challenge yourself.

Top 3 Don’ts

  • Don’t follow fad workout trends.
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t see results right away.


For Helena, the constantly changing fitness industry and her colleagues at PerformancePro inspire and motivate her,

“New studies and research keep me motivated to learn more. Working with other coaches at PerformancePro is a big inspiration because they are willing to share their knowledge and teach others to be successful.”


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