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HYBRID TRAINING – The best of both worlds

Hybrid Personal Training with PerformancePro


Hybrid Training is a term more and more people are using to describe the mix of online and in person fitness training. At PerformancePro, we also like to call it the best of both worlds!

With the landscape of the working world shifting rapidly over the past 18 months, here at PerformancePro we have adjusted our practices too. In many cases, they’ve changed for the better! Our hybrid training services are a great example of this.

We caught up with Strength & Conditioning Coach Will McCauley to find out more.


As you may know, PerformancePro’s ethos and training practices are based on the solid, evidence-based principles of Strength & Conditioning training. Most of this takes the form of using barbells and dumbbells to improve strength with the myriad of health benefits that come along with this style.

The aim of conditioning training is to increase the heart rate and improve aerobic fitness. Sometimes, this conditioning aspect of strength and conditioning can be neglected. With our new Hybrid Training, however, we have found that clients who combine Zoom training with in person training have managed to get the best of both worlds.

PerformancePro’s state-of-the-art training studio in Central London has all the equipment you could need to build a strong, resilient body through resistance training. Lifting weights has been shown to build muscle tissue, strengthen joints, increase bone mineral density, and even delay ageing among many other benefits. This is why we’re such big fans of getting strong!

In the gym, we don’t always have the time to really focus on conditioning training as well, and we find that our clients want to make the most of the equipment whilst they’re here.

Clients training from home (or hotels, holiday homes, gyms, or wherever they choose to do our Zoom sessions) rarely have the spread of kit that we have here at PerformancePro. As such, it makes sense to design a Zoom-specific session that needs less equipment. This gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on conditioning.

This style of training is fantastic for heart health, improving lung capacity and function, and for improving general fitness. While it can be a bit dull to do on your own, our coaches are experts at making training fun, interesting and varied, and this certainly extends to cardio-based sessions over Zoom.


The really great thing about Hybrid Training, two sessions with different focuses, is that it allows each to be totally targeted and have a singular purpose. This enables you to truly excel at each.

Also, because each session is different from the previous session (and the next session), it gives you variety in your weekly training diary. This approach prevents monotony or staleness from setting in, and ensures that your body is constantly adapting to different stimuli by giving it something different regularly.

In our recent post Zoom Training – a Director’s Insight, PerformancePro director, Dan Boullé considered some of the key benefits of Zoom Training including increased flexibility, frequency and focus.

With Hybrid Training, PeformancePro clients have the opportunity to optimise the benefits of both online and in person training. It really is the best of both worlds!

So, if you’d like a bit more variety in your training, or to just get some extra training in, then get in touch!


PerformancePro offers a full range of personal training, nutrition and sports performance coaching both online and offline. Whatever your starting point, PerformancePro is a safe and welcoming place and we’re here for you. 

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