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Jason Cook – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jason Cook - PerformancePro

Meet Jason Cook, Strength and Conditioning Coach at PerformancePro. Jason specialises in powerlifting and using the powerlifting principles and accessory lifts to help his clients build muscle, increase strength or to improve overall quality of life.

Jason’s teaching approach encompasses technical and physical progression, pain management and training knowledge improvement. We took some time out to ask him more about what informs his approach.

Jason’s life before PerformancePro

Jason Cook started coaching in 2016 and has worked extensively with London University helping preparing athletes for regional and national level powerlifting competitions. In addition, he works with private clients,

“I enjoy employing my strength and conditioning and powerlifting principles to help clients overcome injury, training plateaus and progress.”

Before entering the health and fitness industry, Jason competed in powerlifting competitions. He also graduated with a business degree and worked in China for a year.

Jason and PerformancePro

We asked Jason what brought him to PerformancePro,

“I was introduced to PerformancePro by my friend and coaching colleague Si Tate. Currently I’m only with the team a few hours a week, but I’m hoping to build on this in the coming year.
“The PerformancePro team are very professional and friendly. It’s a really great environment for trainers and clients alike.”

And away from the gym?

Away from the gym, Jason loves to do his own training. Generally at the weekend he likes to visit friends and family. He is also a keen collector of comic book!

Jason’s own fitness

Jason’s current training is a hybrid between strength training and muscle building. Not surprisingly, the “Big 3” lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) have been the core of his training for a long time. All of the accessory lifts around the Big 3 help improve performance and keep his joints healthy.

“I train this way because I enjoy training for a sport and also I believe that it’s going to be beneficial for me long term.”

Top 3 fitness Do’s and Don’ts?


  1. Listen to your body
  2. Research and educate yourself
  3. Stay consistent


  1. Push your body to its limit every session
  2. Lift weights ‘mindlessly’
  3. Negatively compare yourself to others


For Jason, his biggest inspiration/motivation is seeing his clients improve their quality of life,

“Whether that is reducing/eliminating daily pains, making getting up off the sofa easier or improving at your chosen sport. This drives me to want to continue to develop my skills as a coach and offer the best service I can.

“I have previously competed in a few powerlifting competitions, but now I enjoy watching my students and handling them at their competitions. It gives me the same, if not more, thrill and joy watching them compete than it did competing myself.”



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