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Jessica Farmer and PerformancePro

Jessica Farmer and PerformancePro

Jessica Farmer became a PerformancePro client in summer 2022 when she moved to London for her new job with Cloudsense.

She started training once a week with Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Baby, and then soon increased her sessions to 2-3 times a week. For Jessica, this was not what she expected,

 ‘I’ve never been a gym person and always felt intimidated by the thought of it. I also thought it was something for people who either wanted to lose weight, bulk up or both!’

Jessica wanted neither, as she has always been happy in her physique. She is also pretty active, making sure she walks 10K steps a day and enjoying her social life, making the most of living in London, the place she has always wanted to be.

Jessica is motivated to keep moving and likes to push herself. Discovering strength training has played to these strengths,

‘I’m quite competitive, so it’s great to find a hobby where I can compete with myself!’

The look and feel of strength training

Before she started with PerformancePro, Jessica really did think the gym was for people who just wanted to change how they looked. So, the biggest surprise for her is the difference in how she feels as a result of her regular training. And, that she started to feel a difference really quickly,

‘More than anything, I’m loving how strength training is making me feel. I really didn’t appreciate the benefits of feeling stronger or that you could get stronger without bulking up. I enjoy feeling stronger, healthier and more toned.’

‘I also recognise the investment I’m making in my future health. The more I learn, the more I appreciate both the short and long term benefits of what I’m doing for my overall health and wellbeing, now and into the future.’

Jessica also appreciates the structure PerformancePro training gives to her working week. Her day job as a Business Development Representative with Cloudsense is desk-based, so her visits to PerformancePro nearby are a welcome change of scene and pace at the end of the working days when she’s based in the city centre.

Why PerformancePro?

Jessica feels really comfortable in the PerformancePro space,

‘For me, it’s really important to feel safe and comfortable in a space. I’m quite self-conscious and want to be away from others, with space around me when I’m training. I don’t want to feel judged or watched. I never feel self-conscious at PerformancePro, so I can relax and focus on my training.

‘It is the opposite of what I thought a gym would be – it is non-intimidating and down-to-earth. There’s a chilled, healthy mindset and I get to choose the music too!’

She also loves having the one-to-one support from her PerformancePro trainer,

‘Dan is great, and I love how he tailors and adapts the training to what works for me. Also having the best equipment to hand with someone by my side who knows how to guide me to use it is really important. There is no risk of getting it wrong or injury.’

‘For each session there is a different focus and I like the variety. It feels good to have the structure and learn about how my body works and responds. I always want to learn more and Dan is really responsive to my questions. I feel I can ask him anything. It’s a friendly but focused relationship, he’s good at motivating without putting pressure on me, and so we can have a laugh too.’

What’s next?

Jessica has no specific training goal. Her main reason for continuing to train with PerformancePro is because she really appreciates how it’s making her feel,

‘I’m feeling stronger and more toned. This new physical strength is really improving my self-awareness and self-confidence. I feel good! I’m energised and feel more independent and self-sufficient in my daily life, so I can really make the most of living and working in the city I love.’

More about PerformancePro

We’re a team of highly qualified experts and our clients are from all walks of life. Wherever you are and whatever your starting point, your own world class PerformancePro coach and tailored personal fitness programme is just a click away.

Unlike other gyms we don’t believe in memberships, contracts or tie-ins. We know our tailored one-to one fitness training works so our clients happily come back without having to sign on the dotted line.

The first step is your free consultation which includes goal setting, body and fat measurement and movement analysis. Then it’s up to you whether you buy a personal training session, or a bundle with one of PerformancePro’s personal trainers and coaches.


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