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Julia Haythorn and PerformancePro Fitness

Julia Haythorn is determined to have a healthy and active middle age and to safeguard her quality of life well into the future. She became a client just after the lockdown and trains once a week with PerformancePro Director, Anthony Purcell.

Julia’s tailored programme involves weights, stretching, running in the gym, air bike, squats etc. Away from the gym, Julia aims to run at least once and preferably twice a week for about 3-5K. She also does regular stretching and weights at home using a band and some hand weights, following the programmes her trainer Tony suggests.

Meet Julia Haythorn

We caught up with Julia in between sessions to find out more about her relationship with PerformancePro.

How did you first hear about PerformancePro?

I live nearby and had walked past many times. When I was looking for some personal training I asked a neighbour for a recommendation and they suggested Tony at Performance Pro.”

What motivated you to start training with PerformancePro?

“Now I am in my mid-50s I realised (and had been reading up about it) that it is really important to do muscle and strengthening work. I also want to look good so it’s a great way to maintain my weight as well. But the main impulse was health. I have been looking after my elderly mother and I can see that her failure to look after her health and fitness has directly contributed to the struggles she is having now. I don’t want to be like that in 30 years!

“I have never been particularly sporty or flexible. I trained as an actress so studied a bit of dance and movement but was always very inflexible. I have tried various activities (eg kick boxing) but always lost interest or didn’t enjoy them enough. When I arrived at Performance Pro I was pretty unfit after lock down and very weak and unsupple. I have a slight weakness in my left side, so Tony focussed on developing my muscles. 

“I feel much stronger now and have enjoyed the motivation that is getting me running and generally thinking about my health in all areas.”

What has surprised you most about PerformancePro?

“The variety of the work we do. I’ve always found any kind of gym work in the past really repetitive and boring, but Tony varies it so much that it’s always interesting and keeps my motivated. Also, it’s not just a gym as there are physios and sports massages available.

“Tony identified I used to run and had run a half marathon a few years ago but had lost the habit and he really encouraged me to start running again – including on the track in the gym – and this has been very inspiring and motivating.”

What do you like best about training with Performance Pro?  

“I like the regular routine of weekly work with Tony and how his expertise can really help if I have questions or problems. I always feel that I’ve worked hard but I don’t feel so shattered that it puts me off going. If I have any problems, like a muscle strain, then Tony immediately can offer me several exercises and stretches to solve it.

“Apart from the obvious enjoyment of feeling and looking healthier and stronger, I think about the future. I want to have a healthy and active middle age and old age and I know that’s down to the work I’m doing now. I would encourage everyone to invest in their own health.”

What’s your greatest training achievement to date with PerformancePro?

“Committing to weekly sessions when I’m busy. Improving my flexibility so now I can do stretches and squats and also lots of weights work.”

And what’s your next milestone?

“Not sure about the next milestone! – I’d better set one!”

Your next step to a healthier future?

Everyone’s motivation to consider professional personal training is different. Whatever stage you’re at and whichever path you take, a no-strings free consultation with PerformancePro is always a good first step.

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