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Kamran Glen – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kamran Glen - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Kamran Glen, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach. With his lifelong love of sport and keen interest in physiology and sports science, Kamran fits right in at PerformancePro.

In between his sessions with clients, we found out more about Kamran.

Kamran’s life before PerformancePro

For as long as he can remember, Kamran has always been into sport. Born in London and brought up in Leicester, Kamran played rugby locally and football for Stoke City & Peterborough United when he was younger and has pursued a sporting career ever since.

Picking up various injuries along the way, Kamran spent a lot of time with the physios and strength and conditioning coaches at Kettering & Northampton Town Football Clubs. This experience sparked a keen interest in physiology, injuries and human movement and led to his undergraduate degree in Sport Science at University of Brighton

Whilst studying, Kamran started shadowing his own strength and conditioning coach, an experience which helped confirm his chosen path and future career,

“I gained great experience supporting people from different sports and also from non-sporting backgrounds who wanted to get into better shape. From there, I worked with the Brighton University women’s football team.”

Kamran moved to London in 2016 to study his masters degree in Strength and Conditioning at Middlesex University.  During this time he also spent 2 years working at a Premier League football club and became a nationally recognised UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach.

More recently, Kamran had the opportunity to work with gymnasts and international sprinters as part of the team that helped towards winning a European medal at the indoor championships.

Kamran Glen and PerformancePro

Kamran brings this wealth of experience to PerformancePro as we welcome him to our team of outstanding coaches. He also appreciates our down to earth and friendly approach,

“I love how friendly everyone is at PerformancePro. Within just a few days, I felt like I had been here forever! Everyone was so welcoming and you can tell there is a real chemistry amongst the team.”

Kamran values PerformancePro’s professional approach and integrated physio and rehab services,

“I’m impressed with and surprised by how close the connection with Oxford Circus Physio is. To have that level of expertise on site is very rare. I really like the strong communication between PerformancePro and the physios.”

And away from the gym?

Away from the gym, sport continues to play a big role in Kamran’s life!

“I just love sport, football especially. In my spare time I’m often watching some form of sport – I’ll watch pretty much anything!”

He also likes to spend time socialising with friends and exploring London. Cooking is another hobby, giving Kamran the opportunity to get creative as he experiments and changes recipes to see what he can come up with. Recently he has been experimenting with Moroccan baked eggs based recipes!

Kamran’s own fitness

Kamran enjoys Olympic Weightlifting so likes to integrate that into his own training. He adapts his programme where needed to strengthen his knee, which helps with a few old injuries. He is also trying to get into yoga to increase his mobility and for relaxation.

Top 3 fitness Do’s

  1. Stay consistent – The biggest thing that restricts people is lack of consistency.
  2. Recovery – Working hard is great and will bring rewards, but make sure you give your body the chance to recover and make the most of all that hard work.
  3. Eat well – Diet is extremely important as it is your body’s fuel. You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel into your car, so why treat your body any different?


For inspiration, Kamran listens to a lot of podcasts about sport, strength & conditioning, physiology and general life. He then looks at ways to apply them to his own situations. Then there’s his family, another source of inspiration,

“I find it useful to speak to my family. I’m fortunate enough to have a very wise family around me who often help to put things into perspective for me. This helps motivate me to direct my focus to the right areas.”

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