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Louisa Schiattarella – Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

Louisa Schiattarella and PerformancePro

Meet Louisa Schiattarella, PerformancePro Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. From ballet studio to gym studio, Louisa brings an invaluable perspective to the training team.

A PerformancePro, Louisa works with a mix of clients to help them set and achieve their individual health and fitness goals. To ensure sustainable and realistic results, Louisa focuses on a client’s mindset, body and overall lifestyle choices.

We grabbed a few minutes with Louisa between client training sessions to find out more.

Louisa’s life before PerformancePro

Prior to her career as a nutrition coach and personal trainer, Louisa was a ballerina with English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet. Her changing relationship with nutrition over the years gives a valuable and informative insight into the essential role good food plays in fitness.

Having worked as a professional ballerina Louisa learned from a young age how to work with the body and mindset. When she left the ballet, she knew her next step.

“I decided to delve deeper into understanding more about the mind and nutrition. I wanted to combine this with my love of exercise, to help others with their goals and desired change for a healthier lifestyle.”

Louisa Schiattarella and PerformancePro

Having worked in an array of private fitness studios and gyms, Louisa was attracted to PerformancePro because of our friendly but effective professional approach to coaching,

“I loved the idea of working with colleagues who were educated and passionate about helping others. It’s a great vibe in the gym and I always look forward to a bit of banter and lots of laughs between trainers and clients.”

And away from the gym?

Not surprisingly, away from the gym, Louisa’s passions are as artistic as they are healthy,

“I love to cycle but my biggest passion is music! This has given me the opportunity to DJ in London and Ibiza. I spend my time producing house music and mixing with like-minded people.”

Louisa’s own fitness

For Louisa, achieving a healthy balance between mind and body is essential,

“I train weights 5 days per week, cycle and spend time on meditation and restorative yoga.”

Louisa’s Top 3 Fitness Do’s and Don’ts?


  • Ensure to add a good mobility program to your regime
  • Do put importance on recovery as this is where the magic happens
  • Do listen to your mind and body daily


  • Don’t over-train or ignore the recovery process
  • Don’t stress if you miss a session
  • Don’t ignore what you consume. Remember what your put in you get out!


For Louisa Schiattarella, inspiration mostly comes from a variety of sources,

“I don’t really look to anyone in particular on social media for inspiration, but I do read a lot. I believe great motivation comes from learning about oneself. I also love a good Tony Robbin’s podcast to get me going on tough day!”

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