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Natasha Cassone - Sports Performance Profile

Sports performance coaching is key for PerformancePro. Alongside our clients from all walks of life, we are training elite athletes to be the best that they can be.  This includes some of our colleagues too!

Amongst our prestigious team of strength and conditioning coaches, we have an impressive number of athletes who excel in their chosen sport. They are at the top of their game and they’re training right next to you at PerformancePro. 

Their commitment and motivation is contagious… You’re in good company.


Natasha Cassone initially started weightlifting as part of her master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. She quickly fell in love with feeling stronger and more athletic than ever before,

“I loved the fact that it is an individual sport. Olympic Weightlifting is not only about beating others but also about competing against yourself and lifting more weights than before.”

Natasha has been weightlifting for about 4 years. Being relatively late to the sport, she has faced challenges in strength, speed and mobility on her way to competitive success. By her 3rd competition, however, she qualified for the English Senior National Championships. This was just the start for Natashsa,

“My greatest highlight, so far, was when I stepped into the Masters category and had the opportunity to represent Denmark at the European Masters Championships and World Championships. Last year, I was placed 5th. This year, I broke both the Danish snatch, clean and jerk and total record, something I never thought would be possible.”

Natasha has further qualified for the World Masters Championships in Canada, in itself a very tough qualification process. As a result, she is now looking forward to once again representing Denmark and competing among the strongest masters women in the world.

Natasha Cassone and PerformancePro

Natasha Cassone has been PerformancePro Strength and Conditioning Coach for nearly 3 years,

“What I love about PerformancePro, is their scientific approach to training and the expansive knowledge within the team. Being able to use the athlete-grade facilities at PerformancePro has also allowed me to stay on track with my own training, especially during times leading up to major competitions. The facilities at PerformancePro are perfect for me. Plus the additional support and knowledge from my colleagues has really helped me develop my performance in weightlifting.”

Sports performance and everyday life

Preparing for the big weightlifting competitions obviously takes Natasha away from some of her social life. Most of her time is spent working and training,

“I am quite competitive and I want to know I have given my all in a competition, whether it’s an international or local event. So sacrificing my social life doesn’t affect me much.”

But then again, she does manage to combine the two,

“I am very lucky, however. Most of my friends are involved in weightlifting, so for me the quality time is predominantly spent in the gym training, and at venues competing.”

For Natasha, her high level sports performance brings many advantages and lessons to her everyday life,

“Strength and mobility are the major skills I can take away from weightlifting. Plus being able to perform something as complex as a snatch, requires coordination and reaction. However, weightlifting has not only given me skills I can use in everyday life, it has also taught me valuable life lessons.

“Overcoming challenges and being the best version of myself is a major one for me. Also being able to control and regulate my emotions during challenging times. I like feeling confident and knowing I can truly succeed. I trust my abilities in completing a lift and in anything I do in life.

“Courage is another great aptitude. Weightlifting requires courage, particularly getting under heavy weights and stepping onto a platform to lift in front of a massive crowd and judges. This is something I used to say I could never do!”

For inspiration?

When it comes to inspiration, Natasha looks to her team mates at the Middlesex University Weightlifting Club,

Even though Olympic Weightlifting is an individual sport, it’s great to be part of a team. Being surrounded by strong team mates helps me when it’s time to perform at my best.

“You can’t NOT be inspired when your team includes a weightlifter ranked number 1 in the Commonwealth, working towards the 2020 Olympics. There are also several other high-ranking masters, as well as coaches who understand the sport and have competed themselves.”

Of course, we would add that they are the lucky ones to have Natasha Cassone amongst them.

At PerformancePro, we know the value of leading by example and we’re proud to have such an inspiring athlete within our coaching team.

We wish Natasha every success at the forthcoming World Masters Championships in Canada.

If Natasha Cassone’s success has inspired you to take your next step, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never set foot in a gym, we’re here for you.

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