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Nick Frendo’s PerformancePro Journey

This week we had the pleasure of meeting @nickfrendo, a mental health ambassador for @movember.

Nick’s Ambition

Nick plans on riding 4382 km in March, 1 km for each life lost from suicide in 2017, the year Nick himself attempted suicide on two occasions.

How PerformancePro are working with Nick

Dan @dbshealth carried out a test battery to analyse Nick’s movement patterns.

Fitness Test

We performed some of the following exercises with Nick to understand his overall fitness and mobility.

  • Walking Lunges
  • Trunk Strength Test
  • Clearing Test


The results of today’s tests allowed us to see that Nick has a good level of overall mobility with a slight restriction through his shoulders from a previous injury.

As expected due to his cycling, his lower body is stronger than his upper body, although he could benefit from some glute strengthening exercises, which in turn will provide him with an increased power output on the bike.

Performance Plan

Our plan over the next few weeks will be to combine some glute strengthening, with improving his upper body mobility. Improving Nick’s upper body and core strength through his midsection will result in less energy expenditure and provide him with more power through the pedals when cycling.

Over the next few weeks we will be following Nick’s progress and documenting his cycling journey in March, so make sure to follow his story with us here, and his story on Instagram.

If you are undertaking an endurance event this year, why not get in touch with us and see how we can help!

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Authors: Dan Baby & Anthony Purcell

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