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2019 one step at a time

one step at a time

Let’s take 2019 one step at a time! PerformancePro director Dan Boulle, starts the new year with a welcome slice of common sense.

Finally, it’s over. The relatives have gone, as has the turkey. The button on your favourite jeans has gone too…. ping! Or is that just me?

Yes, it’s been the season of festive cheer and a well-earned break. So are you feeling positive about the new year ahead? Sometimes, the prospect can be tough. All the more when there’s little daylight, the weather isn’t great and ten days or so of less than perfect nutritional intake has slowed you down.

Then there’s the pressure, the expectation. It’s hard to avoid the adverts promising a NEW YOU if you do this, or the peer pressure of others and their resolutions to do the other.

So, what is best? What’s actually helpful?

A good friend of mine always says ‘I don’t give advice, just suggestions’.

Now I’ll leave it up to you to decide the difference, but my first suggestion, as always, is don’t be too hard on yourself.  Here are some others to help you through week one and two by taking one step at a time.




Yes the first action point is to sleep! Rich food, alcohol and watching late night movies have taken their toll on your sleep regime. So start the New Year with a plan for a good night’s sleep.

This sounds so minor but honestly it will help. Have a cool shower 40 minutes before lights out, then get into bed and read for 20-30 minutes. No screens, no phones, sort all this out before you have a shower.  Then start the next day with a brisk walk.

Walk for 10 minutes

Next morning, get up 10 minutes earlier and jump off the bus/tube a couple of stops sooner and take a 10 minute brisk walk to your desk.

It sounds so small, but the restorative power of good sleep can be profound. This followed by a quick ‘fire-up’ first thing in the morning will get you in a positive frame of mind and drive your motivation.

So that’s day one, and maybe day two and three, sorted!

Onward and upward

Day four, start using all available staircases where you would otherwise use escalators or lifts. Simples!

Now we’re into the weekend, so why not go for a 21 minute jog walk. It’s easy, just jog for one minute then walk for two. Hey presto! Seven jog walk cycles gives you your 21 minutes.

There you have it, week one complete.


Before week two starts, look at your work commitments and plan to fit in one gentle gym session. This hour’s worth alongside the good sleep, daily 10 minute walk, using the stairs and the weekend jog walk all start to build to good effect.

None of this is rocket science and none of this is new to science.

These are just examples of small changes that, when carried out persistently and consistently, add up and really do make a difference.

By taking one step at a time, you’re not being hard on yourself and you’re making yourself feel better.

Wishing you all the very best for a fitter happier 2019 and we look forward to seeing you at PerformancePro whenever you’re ready.

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