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Online Remote Coaching

Online Remote Coaching with PerformancePro

World class online remote coaching is now available with PerformancePro.

Online Remote Coaching is the newest addition to PerformancePro’s coaching toolkit . 

Many people are in the gym regularly, working out a lot but not quite getting where they want, and need some extra guidance. 

Others have found that standard programmes that they find online just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Some just need a little dose of accountability from an experienced coach, and the confidence that they have an expert on their side making sure that their programme is right for them.

Others still are worried about getting injured, rehabbing an injury, or need something a bit more specialised.

Online Remote Coaching – Just what you need

If any of the above sound like you, then PerformancePro’s Online Remote Coaching is exactly what you’re looking for. This is a way for you to have every aspect of your programme or exercise routine designed, monitored, and regularly tweaked by an expert to make sure that it is optimal for you and the goals that you have.

You will receive a custom programme every month, regular check-ins with your coach so that they can make any necessary tweaks, and access to your coach to ask any questions, and the assurance that they’ll respond to your query with full attention to you.

Online Remote Coaching PLUS in-person Training

For the ultimate training experience, any of our Online Services can be combined with each other, or with in-person Training to get the full complement of our support.

We will design you a well-rounded training programme that’s perfect for you, train you in the gym, over Zoom, give you your own sessions to do when you’re not with us, and an extra Check-In day to go through anything we may have missed during the week, and set up your training for the coming week as well.

All designed with your day-to-day life in mind, and designed to benefit your living instead of you having to sacrifice the life you enjoy.

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