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World class online personal fitness services are now available with PerformancePro for everyone, wherever you live!

After years of in-person training experience, and months of careful planning, PerformancePro is proud to announce that we now offer online personal fitness coaching to those who would prefer not to train in person. We offer both Online Personal Training sessions over Zoom, and Remote Coaching, as well as combinations of the two services.

Online Personal Fitness with PerformancePro

Whatever stage you’re at, if you’re serious about your health and fitness PerformancePro is here to help. Whether you train on or offline, we don’t believe in memberships, contracts or tie-ins. We know our coaches are the best in the business, and we believe that you will happily remain a client without having to commit in the long-term up front.

Here is more information about PerformancePro’s two online personal fitness services – Online Personal Training and Remote Coaching. You don’t need to decide which suits you best at this stage. The first step is to book your FREE consultation then it’s up to you whether you opt for Online Personal Training, Remote Coaching or a combination of both!


  • Free initial 75-minute consultation.
  • Tailored one to one personal training on Zoom, taking into account not just what you want to achieve and how fit you are, but who you are, and how you can sustain your fitness.
  • Continual testing and monitoring of your KPIs to keep you on track.
  • One to one personal training coaches with brains who are passionate about their work and committed to keeping things interesting who you’ll love training with.
  • Flexible Training that can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • Pay as you go flexibility. No membership, no tie-ins.



Don’t have equipment? Limited space? Don’t worry about it! We can source any and all equipment you’d need, and our expert coaches can devise a perfect programme for you, no matter the circumstances.




  • Free initial 75-minute consultation.
  • Tailored training programming, taking into account not just what you want to achieve and how fit you are, but who you are, and how you can sustain your fitness.
  • Check-ins Monthly (Bronze) or Weekly (Gold) with your own coach who’ll get to know the ins and outs of how your body responds to training, and how to adjust your sessions to keep you progressing and injury-free.
  • Continual testing and monitoring your KPIs to keep you on track.
  • Regular access to your coach to ask any personal questions, and assurance that they will be responding to your query with full attention to you.
  • Pay as you go flexibility monthly. No membership, no tie-ins.



Yes. If you’re serious about your health and fitness. Online Remote Coaching can work for you whether you’re training for an event, looking to get stronger, or simply want to tone-up and shift some weight.


Like the idea of Remote Coaching, but wouldn’t mind some face-to-face time with your coach either over Zoom or in the gym? Looking for an occasional Form Check session, or want to get to grips with a movement before adding it to your programme? Our Remote Coaching can be combined with in-person or online Personal Training Sessions for a reduced cost, just let your coach know during the consultation.


We don’t believe in minimum commitments or tie-ins. We know our online personal fitness training gets results, so our clients happily come back without having to sign on the dotted line. 

Service Cost
Online Personal Training Single Session £65
Online Personal Training 10 Sessions £650
Remote Coaching – Bronze £147 per Month
Remote Coaching – Gold £197 per Month
Remote Coaching plus Personal Training Prices upon Request

Please note
Session rates are for PerformancePro coaches only and we ask that you complete your purchased sessions within the requested time frame. Prices and promotions may vary for clients training with Independent coaches. Please check our Terms and Conditions and/or ask us for details. Many thanks.


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