Sports Performance & Cycle Coaching

Sports Performance & Cycle Coaching

Our sports performance team has an elite skill set with experience of working with national and international athletes across a spectrum of sports. So, if you’re at the top end of your sport, at any level, or you want to be, we can offer you highly specialised, focused sports performance coaching.


  • Free initial 75-minute consultation focussing on the specifics of your sport, goals and current fitness levels/personal bests.
  • In-depth knowledge, assessment and needs analysis for your chosen sport
  • Your own sports performance coach who will tailor your training to get you where you want to be as effectively as possible.
  • Continual testing and monitoring of your KPIs to keep you on track.
  • The close scrutiny and support of our team of therapists to iron-out any aches along the way.
  • Extras for cyclists include Blood Lactate Testing, FTP Testing and Power Profiling.


Yes, if you’re looking to gain an edge at any level of your chosen sport.


We don’t believe in memberships, contracts or tie-ins. We know our one to one personal training works, so our clients happily come back without having to sign on the dotted line. So, simply buy a session, or a bundle, book your time and train. Oh, and there are no hidden extras – towels, toiletries and lockers are all on us.

Bundle of sessions Cost per session Total cost
Single £89 £89
3 £86 £258
5 £84 £420
10 £82 £820
15 £80 £1200

Extras for Cyclists

FTP Testing and Power Profiling: £85

Blood Lactate Testing: £110

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