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Protein in the house

protein haus and performancepro

Meet Protein Haus, our new nutrition partner with news of a tasty deal for PerformancePro clients.

Nutrition is a cornerstone of PerformancePro’s intelligent approach to fitness. So when we meet a like-minded company who knows what they’re doing, we have to share the news. Carli Wheatley founded Protein Haus in 2016. With seven branches (so far) across central London, this fresh food diet shop creates and supplies protein shakes, fitness foods and juices.

We sat down with Carli, and a shake, to ask her about Protein Haus,

‘Protein Haus is all about performance eating, in other words, eating for a particular reason. People choose to eat a certain way to get results. Some call that ‘fussy eating,’ we just call it smart!’

Protein Haus caters for all and encompasses everything from a grab and go green shake to individually tailored nutrition fitness plans. Carli explains,

‘Diets are fascinating! It’s all finding the one that is right for you. And if you already follow, or want to follow, a certain diet but you’re on the go, we take care of everything.’

And Carli really does mean everything. Whatever your diet eg. paleo, low carb, keto, vegan, low calorie or weightwatchers, Protein Haus is there to help. Whether you just drop in for a tasty treat or want to discuss your own tailored nutrition, then have everything you need supplied, they’re there to help.

Protein Haus, the story so far

As with many successful entrepreneurs, Carli’s motivation was sparked when she found a gap in the market. As a personal trainer for 15 years prior to starting the business, so she also knew what was needed to fill that gap,

‘As a PT, I was making my own clients food and getting great results. Plus, I was really enjoying making simple food, fun and tasty. It’s amazing what great tasting shakes and a bit of 120kcal cake can do to keep you on track with your diet and fitness goals. 

‘I also needed somewhere to eat exactly the way I wanted to eat, but it didn’t exist. Choices, I love choices! I believe you should be able to get what you want, when you want it. That’s London life or it should be!

For Carli, the best thing about the whole venture is the customer feedback, whether face to face, seeing the customers achieving their goals and/or online as customers post their pics saying how much they love the food.

With Protein Haus, the proof of the pudding, or protein cake, really is in the eating!

Protein Haus and PerformancePro

Not surprisingly, Protein Haus and PerformancePro are reading from the same menu when it comes to nutrition and fitness. The relationship between us started when the PerformancePro team became individual customers at the Protein Haus on Berners Street. We would pop in regularly to get what we each needed to fuel our work in the gym training clients and for our own individual fitness goals.

We wanted to our clients to have the opportunity to eat like us too!

Nutrition is an essential part of PerformancePro’s approach and service, so it makes sense to work with partners who can add extra value. Similarly, from Carli’s point of view, she sees the value for her clients of working with PerformancePro,

‘I want to get back to the roots of helping people on a 1-2-1 basis, focusing on a truly performance and results-based approach. This is what PerformancePro is all about. I’m looking forward to working closely with the team to optimise this potential.’

Protein Haus  – PerformancePro client offer

We asked Carli for her top nutrition tips. She squeezed in an extra one or two just for PerformancePro and our clients. There’s service!

  1. Eat simply.  Keep sauces to a minimum. 
  2. Find food you like and try to make the healthiest version of it. 
  3. Exercise and then have a post workout shake!  You will feel so cool. 
  4. Come and try a shake at Protein Haus

Enjoy 20% off any Protein Haus products from their Berners Street branch when you show your PerformancePro client card.

This is just the start of many serving suggestions as we develop our relationship with Protein Haus. So watch this space…

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