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Rehabilitation with PerformancePro – side by side

rehabilitation with PerformancePro

In rehabilitation with PerformancePro you get a real insight into what sets the PerformancePro approach apart and way ahead of the rest of the field.

This key service lies at the heart of PerformancePro and the strong healthy relationships they build with clients and partners alike.

Rehabilitation with PerformancePro – completing the circle

A deep understanding of what director, Daniel Boulle, describes as “the circle of care” informs the intelligent personal training philosophy at PerformancePro. Rehabilitation is one of the essentials that complete the circle. Integral to PerformancePro’s overall approach, this commitment to rehabilitation was a key motivator for starting the business.

“Rehab isn’t always about obvious injury.” explains Dan. ‘It also looks at why our bodies are not functioning as well as they should. We work in the real world with real people, so we recognise that most clients are carrying niggles and problems. They may be recovering from surgery, suffering with past or current injuries or simply dealing with everyday aches affecting their quality of life. As such, understanding how to rectify and rehab imbalances and dysfunction is an integrated part of any PerformancePro training programme. Importantly, much of our work is driven by prehab i.e. injury prevention protocols. PerformancePro wanted to provide this complete service from the start.”

Rehabilitation – side by side

As with all things PerformancePro, their approach to rehab is informed by science, the breadth and depth of the team’s personal experience and the effective working relationships forged with key partners. For example, the close synergy with Oxford Circus Physiotherapy ensures every aspect is joined up: from initial assessment and early rehab (post trauma or surgical intervention), to full function and fitness, and beyond to elite performance athletic training.

“It’s very simple!” says Dan. “We literally work side by side with the clinical team. We share the same gym space, we educate together. If a problem arises we can literally walk the client off the gym floor into a physio’s room. This all helps to create a symbiotic relationship whilst providing a seamless service to our clients.”


PerformancePro regular, Tarun Ramadorai, describes this seamless service in a nutshell,

“My therapist at Oxford Circus Physio suggested a few sessions with PerformancePro to speed the recovery and strengthening process to get back towards full functionality. The experience with Dan and his highly professional team has been transformational – so much so that I’m now a regular. I’m back to 100% and more, and thoroughly enjoy my sessions at Performance Pro. I’m well past the point of rehab, having set new goals for strength, speed, fitness, and endurance, and Dan’s guidance has been invaluable.”


Brainpower in actionBrainpower in Action

PerformancePro’s down-to-earth and outward-looking approach means they attract other like-minded people and organisations.


These relationships often bring extra value and insights to share with clients.

This month’s Brainpower in Action event on Thur 30 June with its themes of partnership, rehabilitation and cycling is a great example of this. We hope you can join us to hear extraordinary tales of adversity and accomplishment, enjoy an evening of inspiration AND help raise much-needed funds for Help for Heroes.

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Recovering from surgery, suffering with a sports injury or simply dealing with everyday aches that are affecting your life?

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