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Rob Rees Sports Performance

Sports performance coaching is key for PerformancePro. Alongside our clients from all walks of life, we are training elite athletes to be the best that they can be.  This includes some of our colleagues too!

Yes, PerformancePro’s science-led, professional sports performance approach attracts the very best trainers too. Amongst our prestigious team of strength and conditioning coaches, we have an impressive number of athletes who excel in their chosen sport.

We love that our training is of the highest of standards. It’s the variety, experience and commitment of our clients and team that make PerformancePro the uniquely inspirational and highly successful place it is.

To help share some of this inspiration, we are shining the spotlight on some of PerformancePro’s top athletes. They are at the top of their game in their chosen sport and they’re training right next to you at PerformancePro.  Their commitment and motivation is contagious… You’re in good company.


As soon as Rob Rees could get into the gym at school, he started training! His passion for powerlifting started when he was 19. He was looking for something to give some focus to his training and powerlifting fitted perfectly.

Rob has been competing for 10 years and has competed at most levels of the sport. He has been British and English champion in the 105kg class, a category that gets tougher every year as the standards improve.  A particular highlight was the International Powerlifting Federation Classic World Championships in 2013.

Rob Rees and PerformancePro

Rob Rees is a member of PerformancePro’s team. He is a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer and has been with us since 2017. For Rob, it’s PerformancePro’s emphasis on continued development that attracts him

“I really like the emphasis on continued education. Everyone here is educated to at least undergraduate level. As a team, I think we’re definitely one of the best.”

As Rob works at PerformancePro he is able to easily fit his own training in and around his client schedule,

“Depending on my diary and timings, I’ll normally train at PerformancePro at least once per week. The equipment is really good quality. This makes a noticeable difference, particularly at heavier loads.”

Not surprisingly, his training regime is a top priority for Rob,

“The longer you do a sport like this the more the niggles and injuries will happen. So learning how to adapt my training to still keep improving is an ongoing challenge! One way or another it will always get done. That does occasionally mean making some sacrifices or missing out on something but at this point I have a pretty good balance between things.”

For Rob, there are key life lessons he takes from his sports performance training,

“Dedication and persistence are the two biggest things. There are lots of lessons strength training can teach. This is why it is such a big part of my philosophy for how I train people.

“My competition training has definitely had a big impact on how I coach. I think there’s a lot to be said for ‘in the trenches’ experience alongside academic qualification. There have been many obstacles or issues with my own training that I’ve had to problem solve over the years. This gives me a strong base in helping figure out why a client may be having a similar issue – whether it’s a niggle or trying to communicate what I’d like them to do.”

What’s next for Rob?

This month, Rob is competing in the British Championships. We all wish him the best of luck.

What’s next for you?

If Rob’s success with his sports performance has inspired you to take your next step, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never set foot in a gym, we’re here for you.

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