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Running 5K with Marie Claire

Running 5K with Marie Claire

For a professional opinion on running 5K in record time, magazine Marie Claire turned to PerformancePro and our strength and conditioning coach Alex Adams.

Alex shared a valuable list of essential tips for pre-race fitness and strength training for running 5K including:

1) Perfecting your technique

“…over the course of a distance race, having improved running technique can have a huge benefit on your times and endurance. By developing your form, you’ll waste less energy and better handle the impact forces through your joints…”

2) Varying your running programme

“…change it up. Varying your running programme using shorter intervals and different rest periods is vital to up your speed and fitness…”

3) Build your strength

“…Improving your lower body strength has been shown to effectively increase running speed and reduce the likelihood of injury…”

Plus Alex added some top fitness nutrition tips to fuel and refuel along the way.

For more running insights, catch up with our PerformancePro Strength Training for Runners archive.

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