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Strength and Conditioning #3

Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and Conditioning Training at Pro Level

In Part 3 of PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning series, we explore strength and conditioning training at professional level. As you can see, the same approach applies. 

In Part 1 of our Strength and Conditioning series, we explored the role of strength and conditioning using the example of kicking a ball to illustrate. We then looked at the importance of linear progression in strength training in Part 2 as we focussed on initial strength development.  At professional level, there’s very little difference. In the case of middleweight boxer Alan Higgins, however, it’s about throwing a punch as opposed to kicking a ball!

Strength and Conditioning Training – Alan Higgins

PerformancePro trainer Will Davis had the great pleasure of being strength and conditioning coach for London-based professional middleweight boxer, Alan Higgins.

Right from the start of their trainer client relationship, it was apparent that Alan’s physical strength was sub-optimal. Yes, Alan was (and still is) a great boxer with a very good track record, but his strength could be brought up.

The two worked hard together, using tried and tested strength training protocols with linear progression to build an essential foundation. This strength training concentrated on the most basic movements with extra focus on helping Alan regain some lost stability. After a few weeks Alan and his sparring partners noticed that he was already punching a lot harder.

You may be surprised to know that the strength and conditioning programme specifically designed for a boxer didn’t involve a single ‘punch specific’ movement in the gym.

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More Strength and Conditioning Training in action

Yes the strength and conditioning training focus for an athlete depends on the requirements of their sport, as well as the requirements of the individual. But strength and conditioning is about building the strength and movement to perform as opposed to the technique required to punch, kick or throw.

Hear some of our pro athlete clients talk about their own experience of PerformancePro’s strength and conditioning approach

All clients, whether pro athletes or the rest of us, need a tailored strength and conditioning training programme which is informed by sports science and detailed assessment of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

In Part 4 of PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning series, we look at the important role of strength and conditioning in rehab and recovery.

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About the Author: Will Davis MSc, BSc, CSCS

Will Davis has worked in the fitness industry for over 9 years and is a Strength and Conditioning Coach working with PerformancePro. Will is also a Poliquin International Certified Level 2 Coach, Biosignature Practitioner and a strong man competitor.

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