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Strength Training and Rehabilitation

Strength Training and Rehabilitation

In the final part of this PerformancePro Strength and Conditioning series, we look at the important relationship between strength training and rehabilitation.

Strength, conditioning and your immune system

One lesser-known benefit of strength and conditioning is the positive effect it has on your immune system.

Initially, the demands strength and conditioning training make on the body will cause a temporary drop in immune function, as it does for all of the body’s systems. BUT the very good news is, the immune system will then re-build itself much stronger and more effective, as will the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

The result? People who combine healthy nutrition with regular training often report improved health and fewer illnesses. Then, on the occasion when they do get struck by illness, they tend to recover at a much faster rate than people who don’t train on a regular basis.

As each strength and conditioning programme is tailored to the individual, not all clients train with the same programme. As long as the effort is made to get stronger over time, however, everyone can reap the same overall health benefits.

Your strength training and rehabilitation

Strength and conditioning is a key component when it comes to rehabilitation from injury. Surgical intervention or just the immobilisation of an arm or leg, for example, causes muscles to weaken and loose mass (atrophy) within days.

During recovery, building and strengthening the structures e.g. ligaments, tendons and muscles around previously damaged or injured joints literally helps support and take load and pressure off the joint itself. This in turn will reduce pain and discomfort whilst helping build the affected area back to full function.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation lie at the heart of PerformancePro. If you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or simply dealing with everyday aches affecting your quality of life, we can help.

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