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Strength and Conditioning #2

Strength Training

Strength Training in Action

In Part 2 of PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning series, we look at the key components of strength training within your S & C programme, introducing the concept of linear progression.  

At PerformancePro, we believe a linear progression model is a good place to start when developing strength.

Strength training with a linear progression model

Linear progression means aiming to increase the weights you lift each and every time you train. PerformancePro recommends making key exercises e.g. the squat, deadlift, bench press and chin-up, the cornerstone of your strength training programme.

It is important to include other work for the client where they may need it (such as core and single leg training). In terms of getting increasing strength quickly, we stick with linear progression and make sure they are getting stronger from each training session to the next.

Strength training and body composition

This type of strength training has a very positive effect on body composition, leading to favourable increases in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat percentage.

Importantly, it’s crucial not to stick with this type of training forever. It’s best to stay with it for as long as you keep progressing but when daily progression can no longer occur, it’s time to change it up.

Progress beyond strength training

At the start of Part 2, we outlined the importance of strength development as the first priority. A beginner does really well using linear progression as the body can recover much quicker from lighter loads than it can from heavy loads. This means that by the next training session, you are more capable of utilising a heavier load than before. It’s simple and it works!

In Part 3 of PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning series, we explore strength and conditioning at professional level. Catch up with Part 1 of PerformancePro’s Strength and Conditioning series for an overview of the essential role strength training plays in your everyday life and personal fitness. In Part 3, we focus on Strength and Conditioning training at pro level.

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About the Author: Will Davis MSc, BSc, CSCS

Will Davis has worked in the fitness industry for over 9 years and is a Strength and Conditioning Coach working with PerformancePro. Will is also a Poliquin International Certified Level 2 Coach, Biosignature Practitioner and a strong man competitor.

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