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PerformancePro in The Guardian

In the Guardian with PerformancePro

In The Guardian magazine, writer, researcher and PerformancePro client, Nicolle Smith, shares her experience of taking up weightlifting

In this great article in the Guradian magazine, Nicolle shares her own fitness story and why she turned to weightlifting at the age of 46. We were proud when she went on to explain her training with Will Davis, here at PerformancePro.

“Will Davis at Performance Pro started me off with body weight exercises, and at first, when he asked me to pick up a bar bell, I told him I didn’t want to lift heavy weights; I worried that I would get big. He guaranteed I would not. I thought about the women I’ve seen lifting weights who look lean, and changed my mind.”

We were also delighted she had this to say about PerformancePro and our ethos…

“Lifting provides a challenge for me, and I love the training environment. My gym is full of athletes of all ages, each with their own goals. No one is there to show off. It really is empowering.”

Here’s the full article at theguardian.com on Sat 3 Dec 2016

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