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Tomas Vaitkevicius - PerformancePro coaching

Meet Tomas Vaitkevicius, PerformancePro strength and conditioning coach. With his impressive drive and experience, it’s no surprise that Tomas is a very welcome addition to the PerformancePro team. We were keen to find out more about him…

Life before PerformancePro

Tomas Vaitkevicius was born in Lithuania and moved to UK in 2010. Sport has always played a huge role in his life and he’s always enjoyed trying out new things,

“I love all sorts of physical activities. As a teenager I played handball (including a brief time at international level), basketball, skateboarding, ice skating and cycling… I’ve never really settled for one sport only!”

When he moved to UK, Tomas started out as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant, and then progressed to train as a chef. After a while, he moved to London and started working at Lomax, a café and fitness place in Chelsea. It was here that Tomas became interested in strength and conditioning and started his BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences. He studied alongside his café work and also started teaching spin classes,

“Away from my work and studies, I was trying to get stronger. I also started cycling. Since then I’ve tried to participate in at least one charity cycling event a year, usually the Night Ride London to Brighton.”

After graduating with his BSc, Tomas managed to secure a place in MSc Strength and Conditioning course at St Mary’s University and is due to graduate in 2019/2020. He also started working as a duty manager at Weir Archer athletics & fitness centre.

Tomas Vaitkevicius and PerformancePro

With his impressive drive and experience, it’s no surprise that Tomas is a very welcome addition to the PerformancePro team. We were keen to find out what it was about PerformancePro that appealed to him,

“The most important reason I chose PerformancePro was that the people working here understand the importance of the education and science behind the training. Many other places focus on employing mainstream good looking and charismatic trainers, who doesn’t necessarily have the knowledge of how to achieve other people goals. Here at PerformancePro, the client always comes first. This is something I strongly believe in.

“I enjoy helping clients, it’s that simple! I love when clients realise that their form has gotten a lot better, that they are stronger and more flexible with improved body composition.”

And away from the gym?

We asked Tomas what he gets up to away from the gym and he said, “MOUNTAINS!”

We asked him to explain,

“The only thing that I enjoy more than sports is nature, mountains to be exact. Hiking, climbing, camping happens most of the weekends. It helps me to restart my mind, relax and get ready for the week ahead. Quite simply, it makes me happy!”

Tomas’s own fitness

Tomas believes in something he calls ‘the versatile athlete’ which means ensuring he has more than one prominent quality, so he can combine elements such as strength, power, endurance and/or flexibility etc. We asked him how this translates to his own regime,

“This means my own training is based on trying to work on a number these qualities at the same time. So within a week, I will focus on improving my strength through compound movements (squat / bench / deadlift), power (weightlifting), cardiovascular (cycling and rowing), and some body composition work, because who doesn’t want to look good!”

“So really, you could say my training is all over the place – but I promise there is method to my madness!”

Top 3 fitness Do’s and Don’ts?

  • Form is of upmost importance
  • Any physical activity is better than none
  • There should be at least some sort of satisfaction/enjoyment derived from the exercise, otherwise there will be no results (yes, results can act as an external factor to elicit satisfaction or enjoyment).
  • Don’t expect to reach your goals overnight
  • Don’t expect that someone else’s program will work exactly the same for you
  • No cheating – if you skip an exercise, pretend it’s harder than it really is, “miscount” the reps, all you really doing is sabotaging your own results.


Tomas strives to be surrounded by people he can learn from, they become his inspiration and motivation. This still includes Jonathan Lomax his very first mentor,

“Without Jonny I wouldn’t be where I am. He is the person responsible for me being in this industry and for being confident with who I am.”

Tomas is also fond of the quote,

“If you feel like the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!”

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