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There are gyms, and then there are gyms. The same can be said for trainers, coaches and equipment. The fitness industry has been through a meteoric rise in recent years and it looks nothing like it did 20 years ago.

Overall the changes we’ve seen have been very positive. There’s more choice, variety and more people engaging with regular exercise.

There have been some down sides, including poor science and miss information, available on a myriad of online platforms and search engines, and week in week out we see a new exercise or nutrition fad cropping up.

What does PP do differently within an increasingly saturated market?

At PerformancePro we deal in facts not fads, where the science i.e. the physiology and biomechanics of performance lies at the centre of our DNA. As our name suggest we have performance at the heart of what we do.

Performance looks different for everyone, and here’s how we define it.

Performance for Alton Brown and Natalie Williams who the team here at PerformancePro  are helping prepare for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, looks very different to performance for Karren who is recovering from a bilateral hip replacement.

What binds these two different scenarios together and gives them commonality is that what we deliver is rooted in a very strong rationale, derived from the latest thinking within the sports science and physiotherapy community. This is what sets us apart within the industry. Our coaches are highly educated, skilled and experienced.

The Team

Amongst the team we have an ex premiership rugby player (Exeter Chiefs and Northampton), International powerlifter (part of the GB team), International Olympic weightlifting Danish Champion, a coach for Millwall football academy, and a trainer currently working with GB sprinters. Between us we currently hold 15 undergraduate degrees (BSc) and 6 masters degrees (MSc).

The Studio Space and Equipment

As for the gym itself, the space at PerformancePro is highly functional and feels exclusive. Our studio works well ergonomically, we only allow limited people on the gym floor at any one time and we have top athlete grade equipment.

Eleiko Olympic bars and weight plates, WattBikes, mini prowlers, sledges, atlas balls and farmers walk handles to name but a few.

Over the years the PerformancePro team have worked with professional football and rugby players, elite level triathletes and runners, swimmers, rowers and Olympic athletes, plus hundreds of individuals just looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

So Why PerformancePro?

Combined, our coaches, the gym space and range of equipment enable PerformancePro to provide highly specific training that delivers on individual performance needs for everyone who trains with us.



Just 3 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station. PerformancePro’s Intelligent Personal Training right in the heart of central London’s West End.


33 Great Titchfield St London W1W 7PA
+44 07808 549 696


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