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Amongst the chaos of Xmas, the parties and the hangovers, how can you make sure you stay on track over the festive period.

PerformancePro offer their training tips for when training isn’t necessarily a priorty.

Train when you can regardless of time available – It may be that you only have a spare half hour or even 20 minutes to get moving. If so, crack on and do it! Not every training session has to be a mammoth run or an epic gym session. A bit of training here and a short burst there will all add up. The idea that a session isn’t worth doing because time is short should be completely disregarded!

Choose time efficient exercises – When time is short, plan a session you can still get a lot out of. If you’re running, then perhaps get some intervals in as these can be extremely productive (and over very quickly!). If it’s resistance work you’re looking to do then maybe create a circuit of exercises that require minimal rest periods between each movement. Perform two or three rounds of this circuit and you’ve got yourself an effective workout in no time at all.

Over the few Christmas days we have off each year, what can you do if exercise isn’t possible due to family or friend commitments.

  1. Get outside and walk more. If there’s a family dog, take it out for a walk. Encourage your friends and family to get out and walk off those extra pigs in blankets.
  • Go Keto for a day. Leave the potatoes for the lean cuts of meat and vegetables. Make sure to eat the meat first, followed by veg and carbs. You’ll be surprised how full you will be before you want to start on a roast potato.
  • Avoid dark alcohol. Swap for a clear spirit with a light mixer. A standard tonic can have as much sugar as a full fat coke, so opt for diet options or light spirits where possible.
  • Generally, stress levels are lower and sleep patterns are better over the holiday period. This means better recovery so it can be a good time to schedule some harder training sessions and push things a bit more. And a great time to catch up on some sleep and rest if your body needs it.
  • Christmas is only one of 365 days a year. Enjoy the food and use the extra calories as fuel to your training sessions.

The team at PerformancePro have created a quick 30-40 Xmas workout for you to keep you active over the Christmas break.

DAY 1 

Warm up – 5min any CV kit 

Mobility – if you are tight in your hips, hamstrings and back stretch beforehand. 

Primer – Floor hip extension x10

Band Walk x20

A1 – Squat to dumb bell press (Find a weight you can do 10 reps)

Rest 60s 

A2 – Run or Bike – 2min (Go as fast or slow as you want and listen to your body) 

Rest 60s 

A3 – TRX Row x 10 Reps 

         Press up x 10 Reps (Full or from Knees)

Rest 60s

A4 Run or Bike – 2min 

Repeat circuit 1 to 3 times. 

A5 – Full Plank or from knees 3 x 30 to 60s – 

DAY 2 (Gym triathlon, well sort of) 

Warm up 5min any CV kit 

Mobility – if you are tight in your hips, hamstrings and back stretch beforehand.

Primer – Floor hip extension x10

Band Walk x20

A1 – Run or Walk up hill – 10min (record distance)  

Rest 2min 

A2 – Rower or Air Bike – 5min (record distance) 

Rest 2min 

A3 – Bike 10min – (record distance)

Rest 2min 

Add up the total distance for you score try to beat it next time.  

A4 – Full Plank or from knees, 3 x 30/60s  

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